Know the differences between website redesign and refresh

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Know the differences between website redesign and refresh

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Building a website may not be enough to promote your business on the online platform. Like your house and office, sometimes you need to renovate the old or the existing one. Website redesign to get a new vibe for your business. As the modern website designing technologies are continually improving and getting to their next level, there are many things that your old website may not have. The absence of these features will make the website outdated.

The only thing you need to do to save your website from being outdated in redesigning or refreshing. What is the difference between these two techniques? What should you do for the improvement of your website?

Before you take any decision, it is the time to know about both these techniques in details. So that you can understand which one would be more effective for your business.

Website refreshing

There can be certain features that your website currently has which are not helping it to move forward or work as per the recent digital marketing algorithm. On the other hand, there have to be some new features that must be included. Then your website gets ready for those algorithms too.
Website refreshing is all about adding and removing those features which you need to make your website ready for the modern digital marketing methods. The refreshed website will have features that will adjust the recent landscape of online marketing.

Website redesign

This is all about getting a make-over of the website to make it more attractive or add some more information in a stylish manner to attract your viewers. It is all about having some development of the existing website so that it can enjoy an improved digital marketing performance for a long period.
You need to have content planning, new layout, new digital marketing strategies and new ideas to implement in the design parts of the website to give it a new look. It would help you in complete rebranding your business with smart approaches.
Only an experienced and dedicated team can handle both websites redesigning and refreshing jobs flawlessly. They can also suggest you whether you need to refresh your website or redesigning will be more useful for you.
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4 Super web development trends every business should expect

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4 Super web development trends every business should expect

8 Pages With Full Responsive and CMS Site
Every year, the flow of new technologies and trends changes the shape of the environment in which the web developers work. If one year is popular for developing mobile responsive websites, then the next one is marked by chatbots. Every single trend has its own significance in the world of web development. They are typically in the trend to match the current needs of the website users as well as the website owners.
Let’s see what the top 4 web development trends that every business should expect to have in 2020 are.

Top 4 web development trends that every business should expect

Chatbots and Customer Support

With the changing face of “customer care” department; the businesses in 2020 need something more result-driven, reliable and functional than the technologies they are using to provide customer support in the previous years. Hence, the introduction or application of chatbot is right here. This is a kind of software application that is applied to conduct an online chat with the customer whenever they visit the website and require information. It can be a text or text-to-speech method that is used in such a conversation.

Modular Design

Instead of creating a website using restricted templates, nowadays, the developers are using modular design for different websites. Modular designs give the freedom to the developers to reuse modules and components to develop a certain web page. Web developers can use this technology to create content blocks that can display information on a web page in a powerful manner.

Responsive Web Development

Responsive design is no more considered as a nice-to-have feature in the web development industry. It becomes a must-have feature that can fulfil the needs of this current time. In 2015, 35% of website traffic was generated from mobile devices. In 2020, it becomes 50%. This growth is constant. Hence, the need for creating mobile responsive websites is no more an option, but an obligation for the business owners. Thus, the demand for responsive web development is augmenting day by day.

Voice Search Optimization

Voice search is one of the most fashionable and popular trends in the industry of web development in 2020. Technologies like Siri, Cortana, Alexa, Echo or Google Assistant are the bright proof of this. Customers or users feel more comfortable with such voice search options rather than traditional typing techniques. So, the web developers need to add this feature to their website to make it ready for modern users.
These are the top 4 common web development trends that are already in the market in 2020. The experts are waiting to see the updated version of these technologies in the near future.
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