Types of Web Pages

Are you launching a new website recently? You have the best layout for the website, but you need to get the right visitors.

Are you wondering why? Well, the website design can be the major reason behind this. The design of the website largely influences search engine rankings. Do you know how? This guide will help you know how a poorly designed website affects your ranking and few visitors.

Almost all businesses are going online, so they are more concentrated on web design in Kenley, as it makes your online platform much more appealing and helps you have better SEO rankings.


Top Mistakes to Avoid In Website Design to Have Better Ranking


The Website Is Not Mobile-Friendly In Nature

One of the major mistakes of website design is that it needs to be mobile-friendly, as we all live in the digital age where almost everyone has a smart device. It is always good to design a responsive website. It is seen that more than 55% of website traffic comes from smartphones. Hence, it is better to have a mobile version of all websites so that they have proper indexing and ranks.


Confused Website Navigation

Have you ever visited a website where you needed clarification on where to navigate? It is mainly due to the poor navigation. You want the users to understand your website properly and make the most out of it. If they need clarification, they will not scroll your website and leave as soon as possible. The website design will mainly focus on seamless navigation without proper linking. It will allow both the users and Google to analyze the site properly.


Slow Loading Speed

One of the major mistakes that largely affect the SEO ranking is the slow loading speed of your website. If your site has low loading, the visitors will no longer want to stay on your website and wait to load. They will simply leave the site and visit another. It will impact your online presence and ROI overall.


Large Image Or Other Media

Many visitors get tempted to see large and beautiful images on the website. But do you know that using such large files on the website will affect the loading speed of the website? Those who do not know how to check the loading speed can go through Google’s Page Speed Insights test to get an idea of the loading speed. You can either resize or compress the image and then upload it.


These mistakes can impact the website’s rankings overall. You need to hire professionals knowledgeable on the latest website design in Kenley and other locations. Be sure to contact the team from Media & More Ltd, who will help you create the best website design layout for your brand. Contact us now to discuss your requirements.


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