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We are a family marketing firm with strong family values. Our perpetual strive for excellence gains our clients’ faith by producing comprehensive campaigns that generate business growth. Uncomplicated. No confusion. We work with you to provide a brief, and then push hard to exceed it. At all times we have a systematic approach and work with you as if we were merely another section of your business in the same building (the room with the lights on late at night).

Website Design

A bespoke website is now the centrepiece for any modern business and at Media & More, we have the experts capable of delivering a website that looks great, is easy to use and can help you generate more business.

Our three-step bespoke website design philosophy allows you to get a professional, lead-focused business website up and running in no time. Our process starts with creating a brief that identifies your needs. In step two we’ll then present you with a PDF of what your website will look like, before finally creating a live working demo site for you to explore in step three.

Built on the WordPress platform, our websites come with the functionality that you need to start talking to customers, selling to customers, and finding new customers, right from launch day.


The difference between being found and being invisible, SEO is a vital part of any business website and an element that we can help you with.

Our SEO experts will take into account your industry and area before identifying changes on your website which will make a difference. We will ensure that you have maximum visibility through modern SEO methods that will have a positive impact on your search ranking.

Search engine optimisation is easy-to-understand but difficult to master, but with our SEO knowledge and know-how, we can help you to organically master the pitfalls of search engines like Google and Bing.

Social Media

The influence of social media can’t be underestimated, so when it comes to growing your business and generating more leads, you need to be on top of your social media game.

We’re here to help connect you with new and existing customers through social media. We’ll help your business to know your likes from your retweets, and generate the engagement you need to make an impact.

Branded Workwear

Show off your company branding or logo with specially embroidered workwear that gives you a professional look while you work.

Designed to help you and your business look smart without compromising on comfort or quality, we provide a range of top quality work attire that includes t-shirts, polo tops and jumpers. Available on request with the design of your choice, Media & More’s branded workwear offers your business with business attire that’s convenient, comfortable and cost-effective.


Do you need professional printing to get the most out of your business? If so, then why not take advantage of our printing service and get access to a range of branded material that will give you professionally produced printed material that’s capable of turning heads.

Whether you’re looking to use branded business cards, flyers with your latest special offer on, or print any other type of branded material, you’ll get the end result you’re after with our printing service.

When you also consider we offer same day large format printing and delivery on some items as well, you also won’t have to wait too long either. With Media & More’s printing service, we will make sure that you get a printing service that matches the tone of your brand and delivers a highly professional and high-quality finish with your words and logo on them.

Graphic Design

Make your business brand stand out from the crowd with graphic design that makes you hard to ignore.

No matter what medium you want to use to highlight your business, our graphic designers can take either your existing brand or create new graphics that speaks to your audience like never before. Whether you want professional graphic design options for exhibition stands, business signs, brochures, banners, flyers or even vehicle livery, we can take your ideas and turn them into a reality.


Nothing says professional like clear and concise high-quality signage, complete with a branded logo.

Our custom signage for your business comes in a variety of shapes and sizes created to fit your requirements. Whether you need signage to display a message that entices customers into your shop, or one that contains important information, our range of signage options will provide your business with exactly what you need.

Custom signage that works is what you’ll find with Media & More and all with a professional finish that comes as standard with our products and services.

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