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Designing a website needs an individual to be creative. Understanding the project’s scope is important before you start working on a website or designing a new one. You can hire an expert for the best website design services. Here are some of the common mistakes in website design.

Avoid These Designing Mistakes To Develop a User-friendly Website


Using various types of fonts, incompatible colour palettes, scattered images, and other elements can overload a website. Try to stick to a single style and avoid choosing more than two or three colours wherever possible. 

Poor Structure

Messy pages are one of the biggest mistakes when designing a site. This includes a curved layout, a jumble of blocks with content, inconvenient navigation, button inaccessibility, and other important elements. Hence, designing a site that makes its visitor understand the entire structure is vital. You can also create a map if a site is complicated. 


Well-designed pop-ups can indeed benefit your business. But frequent pop-ups can irritate users. Avoid overlapping the content and use reasonable-sized banners. It will help users to gather the required information. 

Poor Quality Linking & Inappropriate Images

Links that are not clearly visible to the users can annoy them. Ensure using high-quality links and images on your site. Besides, also make sure that those links are relevant and do not confuse visitors or divert their focus. 

Infinite Page Scrolling

This can be ideal for engaging users to explore everything about a site in-depth. Scrolling is also ideal for mobile devices. But it also doesn’t always display accurate data. Hence, ensure to use the scroll while attaching materials to the top. It will give users enough information without downloading all the pages.

Slow Loading

This can have a negative impact on the visitors of a site. Problems while loading a page are the main reason many sites remain abandoned. You can optimise the image size to reduce download speed. Besides, web-based tools can also provide insight into your site and improve the download speed. 

Lack of Optimisation for Search Engines

Just completing a web-design course isn’t enough to create an impactful website. Ensure using unique texts on the site on all the pages. 

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