Social Media Services (SMO)

For businesses, social media isn’t an optional ‘nice to have’ it’s now a vital cornerstone and getting the most out of it, is crucial.

At Media and More, we can assist with the most popular social media platforms, working with you to creatively target and generate business. In fact, any business looking to grow will need a strong social presence and at Media & More, we have a track record of helping businesses big and small get up and running when it comes to social.

Sponsored Ad Campaigns

Run sponsored Ad campaigns across Facebook and Instagram with a return on investment.

Our experts can help you to run sponsored ad campaigns across the biggest social media platforms, working with you to target customers and make them aware of a particular product, service, exclusive offer or your brand.

Reach your ideal audience with ads that are quick to set-up, are highly customisable and deliver fast results.

Advert design

Looking for a design that appeals to your target audience? At Media & More, we can help you with eye-catching advert designs that draw customers in.

Whether it’s to promote an offer, product, service or your brand, our graphics team can help to create an advert for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram that will have eyes on it. Draw attention to your brand today, with an advert that speaks louder than words.


Why Does Social Media Matter?

Social media is everywhere. With around 4 billion people on social media (around 60% of the world’s population) as a business, you can’t afford not to use it.

While not everyone will be your target audience, there will be a large percentage that will, and they can make a sizable difference to the growth of your business. Advertising on social media will let you target your ideal customer and produce fast results for you and your business.

Whether it’s through an advert or sponsored ad campaigns, we can help you to make inroads into the biggest social media platforms, so get in touch with us and start conquering social media today.