Boys Winter Uniform Boys Summer Uniform*
Navy blue jumper with logo
White shirt (long or short sleeve)
School tie
Grey trousers
Grey socks
Black shoes
No changes apart from boys can wear dark grey shorts

*Summer uniform is worn in the Summer Term and can be worn until October half term.
Girls Winter Uniform Girls Summer Uniform*
Navy blue jumper with logo or navy
blue cardigan with logo
White shirt
School tie
Grey skirt, pinafore or trousers
Grey socks / grey tights
Black shoes
Light blue check dress or playsuit
Navy blue cardigan with logo or school
jumper with logo
White socks
Black shoes
Outerwear Reception Class
Navy blue coat (with or without logo)
Navy blue fleece with logo
Navy blue winter woollen hats
Summer hats – navy blue
Scarfs – navy blue
All items as per older groups apart from boys and girls wear a light blue polo instead of a shirt. Reception pupils do not wear a tie.Hair longer than shoulder length should be tied back with blue or black accessories. Hair should not have any patterns shaved into it. Jewelry, including friendship bracelets, may not be worn. It is accepted that those children with pierced ears wear plain gold or silver studs but parents are reminded that these present a potentially serious hazard. All studs must be removed by the child for P.E. If your child cannot remove their own studs they should not be worn in school. The school does not accept responsibility for lost studs or watches. Nail varnish or make-up are not allowed.Water bottles should be sports-cap type. These should be re-usable metal or thermos type (not single use plastic) Pencil cases (only in KS2)
PE Kit Navy blue shorts, light blue polo shirt and black plimsolls. Navy blue school tracksuit for outdoor games.
Trainers for outdoor games Children in KS2 will require a swimsuit and cap for lessons.
Book Bags – Navy Blue (Named)
Rucksack – Navy Blue (Named)
P.E. Bags – Navy Blue (Named)