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3 Fonts to avoid while carrying out professional web designing

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A website is very similar to that of a resume. It is intended to reflect not only your creativity but also your personality as a whole. Colour schemes along with crisp images and user interface designs are essential components for creation of successful web designing in Horsham.

All these choices assimilate to let a visitor know how serious and efficient you are from a commercial view point. Poor and frail Web Designing with detestable fonts certainly create a negative impact on your business.

Web Design

Fonts are essential for successful web designing

Fonts have tenacity to perform a greater role in a respective design. You need have an idea about fonts you are about to use and ones you are about to abolish. Usages of fonts are indeed a great advantage, either in case of typography or in case of web page design.

Improper fonts fail to attract customers

Some designs turn out to be horrendous because designers have failed to use proper fonts. An improper font fails to create a lasting impact and it turns out to be a futile attempt to lure customers. In this particular write up to let us discuss in brief which fonts a professional designer needs to avoid.

Cosmic Sans MS

It is one of the basic window fonts that are installed in your computer. A pivotal reason for excluding this font is it looks very childish. At the same time, formality in this font is quite less.

If you are running a website for kids or designing a birthday invitation, you can make use of this font. It is being advised not to use it for swimming pool rule signboards along with grave epitaphs, hospitals.

Professionals carrying out Website design in Horsham believe that one should even avoid it while designing government job applications and on books. You can make use of Cosmic Sans MS when the audience is below 6 years old.

Curlz MT

This particular font lacks a formal approach along with authority. You cannot use it on a coat and tie event and on warning signs as it signals out to be like a joke for readers. It does have legibility issues also. Just imagine writing a book with this font. Individuals who are willing to read your book might prank jokes on you after seeing the font. Impression of this font is nothing but negative.


Arial font seems to be plain and ugly. Quirks added to avoid licensing made font unobtrusive and unattractive. In the past individuals were in favour of using Arial as it was readily available in operating system. With passage of time Arial font was applied everywhere. Be it in banners or advertisement hoardings and even on Television. This made designers sick and tired. It turned out to be boredom and claustrophobic for them.

To be honest there are quite a few fonts like Times New Roman along with Vivaldi, Bradel Hand ITC and quite a few more which needs to be avoided. So get in touch with us if you are want to build a website by avoiding the discussed issue.