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3 Ways how photoshop can be used during website designing

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It has almost become a trend to use photoshop during website designing. There are even a few people who think that some part of the designing should be done in Photoshop while the rest can be done in the browser. This trend has become a topic of discussion in various Responsive Web Design forums.

It is not only about the benefits one can reap by using Photoshop during website designing but also the drawbacks of designing a site only in the browser. The most vital decision a designer has to make is to determine the various ways they can use Photoshop during site designing. Make sure you use it as a medium without taking it to the extreme.

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Want to use photoshop during website designing? few tips for you

Combine different mediums in website designing

Developing the best design for your website becomes easy when you combine different media and mediums. Though professionals offering website design generally specialise in one specific tool, you can use elements from Illustrator. The medium you are starting with will not matter if you can use different mediums to develop the best design. Designers try to develop options quickly in the design phase, even if they are now aware of the full/precise details of the medium.

Know the default of the tools

Thinking out of the box is a must for designers if they want to create unique and visually compelling designs. Nowadays, the world of website designing is commercially driven. No wonder, designers prefer using pre-defined processes as it helps them to complete the project efficiently from start to finish. If you feel that you can design quickly using Photoshop, feel free to use it as your primary tool. Know the default of the tools so that the design can be functional in the world of indefinite browser options.

Explain the mockups

Once you have finalised a design for your client’s website, create a ‘mockup’ and show it to the client before you start building the site. It is the responsibility of the web designer to explain and demonstrate the mock-up properly to their clients so that they get an idea about what they can expect from the site. You can also get the necessary approval and avoid any confusion later. Let them know how much finalised the mockup is before seeking their approval. Even clients need to understand that a Photoshop-built design is not the final version.

Let start to follow above the tips of using Photoshop for designing a website. You can use the medium responsibly.