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4 Common mistakes in website design and how to rectify them

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Mistakes in website design project are common. After all, nothing can be made perfect; it has to be a process through which things can reach the perfection level. However, mistakes in web design can be common, but some of them must be avoided or rectified as soon as possible to avoid severe trouble in business.
Today, we will going to discuss such mistakes in the web design process and will understand how not to make them or correct them in future.

Know the most common website design mistakes

A website design without mobile-friendly features

In today’s world, everything comes on the top of your hand with the help of your Smartphone. From paying the fees of your children’s school to booking the air tickets for your next tour and from watching movies to ordering foods online – everything can be done on Smartphones. Hence, you need a website which can be viewed, browsed or accessed on any Smart Device like a laptop, Smartphone, tablet and others. Designing a website without a mobile-friendly feature is a big NO in this current situation.

Too heavy to run properly

This is a common problem; especially with the ecommerce website design ideas. Often the heavy product load of the site makes it slow. However, you need the support of the best website designers and developers who know how to avoid the slow runtime of the site and make it a faster one for the viewers, because users hate slow websites. Besides, slow loading pages can cause problems for your web hosting system as well. So, arrange the best web hosting plans to enhance the speed of your website.

Not connected to social media platforms

In this present time, building a website without social media or SEO features is completely meaningless. You need to ensure that your website is SEO ready and have all the space for social media promotion. Without the power of social media platforms, it will become tough for you to compete with the others in your industry. Hence, you must look for the team that can offer you SEO and SMO-friendly website design plans.

Website design with static 404 pages

The use of the 404 Error Page is a common practice in web design and development. Usually, it is used to let the viewers know that something is wrong, and they have landed on a wrong page. It can be the issue at their end or at the end of the website too. It can happen due to the absence of the page they are particularly looking into or if they make any mistake while typing the URL. No matter what the reason is, you must make your 404 pages a bit exciting and informative rather than boring and static. You should put a search button or Back Button after the error message on the page so that the viewers can go back to the previous page or understand what they can do after this.
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