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4 Ways the best web designer can reduce website bounce rates

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Have you noticed website visitors leaving your site without even engaging? Are you struggling to convert visitors into customers in spite of getting consistent website traffic? Well, maybe the problem is your bounce rate. Wondering how to improve bounce rate and maximise conversions? Hiring an experienced web designer for lowering bounce rates can be the key to increase your conversion rate.

Bounce rate is the percentage of all users who visit and exit a webpage, without clicking other pages on your site. High bounce rates indicate that you don’t have a well-organised, enticing landing page. From obsolete aesthetics and confusing site layouts to slow load times, there’re numerous reasons why visitors leave your site instantly, Poor bounce rates.

Check out the handy guide below to learn more.

Ways leading web designer can improve your website’s bounce rates

Identify the bouncers

Tools like Google Analytics provide you with a thorough analysis of your website visitors. Specialists use this information to lower your bounce rate. For example, the analytics might indicate that most of the bouncers use Firefox. And, running your site in Firefox might help you discover that your page wasn’t able to render in the browser. Owing to such technical issues, the bounce rate might be high.

Reduce your site’s load time

No one likes to wait. And, there’s no one more impatient than the average internet user who needs information immediately at his/her fingertips. The longer your page takes to load, the more will you test the patience of visitors. And, with the easy availability of competitor websites, visitors have no reason to wait for your site to load.
Specialists will optimise your images as well as code for the web to reduce your site’s load time. Also, they will get rid of unnecessary heavy plug-ins, scripts and widgets.

Make your webpages responsive

Just like the browser issue, another technical problem which may lead to high bounce rates is an unresponsive webpage. For instance, your webpage looks good on a 1024×768 display of a desktop computer, but goes haywire on mobile devices. If analytics prove that a major chunk of your bouncers were viewing your page on mobile devices, consider testing your website. Opt for a responsive website design in Horsham to ensure your site is adaptive and robust across all platforms.

Interlink, recommend and relate

Is your site built around posts? A great way to ensure users spend more time on your site is designing elements which point to related content. For instance, you have a webpage which contains articles on plumbers. You need to ensure that there are links to posts about the best plumber in ‘related posts’ section. Also, you can include some hyperlinks regarding recommendations for suggested reading.

So what are you still thinking? Quickly find a skilled website designer and start benefitting from professional web design services. Time to improve your bounce rate!