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5 Latest trends in web design you must know about

Web designers are constantly innovating and experimenting with the latest technologies and web design strategies. This ensures top-notch user experience and highly optimised website designs. Being a highly dynamic and versatile field, nothing about web design stays the same over a long period. Designers always strive to capitalise on the latest technologies.
In 2020, the field of website design has significantly transformed than how it was even a few years back. Several industry trends have risen and fallen over time, and several others are yet to grow. But right now, let us take a look at the most popular trends that are defining the future of web design in 2020.

Top 5 web design trends to watch out

Here is a list of the top 5 future-piercing website design trends to watch out for in 2020.

Custom visuals

Making a site visually appealing is the critical objective of website design. Custom visuals that blend responsive designs with complex and intricate illustration works, animations and unique design features are getting more popular.

AI-integrated web design experience

Design models based on AI-integrated interactions is the hot topic of the design world. This technique makes use of customer usage patterns and data to offer highly personalised user experiences. AI-based interactions also include 3D, animations, and illustrations.

Human-centric web designing

Less is the new more. With minimalism in trend, the design world is always trying to make complicated things more straightforward for users. The web designers are formulating future-proof strategies that help brands enhance user relationships. The plan also brings a more human-centric model and deliver connected products and services that the users are associate with.


Another top trending technique in the world of web design is micro-animation. Enhanced interactions through micro-animation are made possible, along with fluidity in the entire designing process.
Micro-animations and interactions deliver users with instant feedback, guidance, and affirmation. Also deliver the more intuitive feel and better engagement through hover, scroll, tap, and swipe animations.

Simplicity of functions

Designers are aiming at more functional but simplistic visual effects like mono-colour themes that create uniformity.
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