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6 Web Design Trends in 2021

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Almost two months have passed since the year started. Have you noticed any changes in web design trends in 2021 yet? Do you think that there are some drastic transformations in this trend from the previous year?

The experts of web design admit that 2020 was not easy, and 2021 can be even tougher for them. But, that cannot stop them from trying new ideas and deploying the latest techniques. Their journey towards creating something fresh, innovative, and functional to match the current taste of the web users will never end.

Most Dramatic Web Design Trends

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Retro Fonts in Web Design Trends

In the world of fashion, it is common to see the repeat of the old day’s style after a certain interval. Now, you can see this trend in the industry of web design too. The demand for retro fonts is back. You can see a well-planned use of vintage typography on websites to make things look “Cool and Captivating”.

Horizontal Scrolling in Web Design Trends

At the beginning of this year, we can see a lot of web designers using the horizontal scrolling methods on their websites to break the monotony. They can break the pattern and present their viewers with something more intriguing. It can be a great way to pass secondary information to the viewers in a decent and exciting manner.

Parallax Animation

While the use of animation on web pages is a widely popular idea, things become more complex and intriguing with the use of parallax animation. Parallax is a kind of optical illusion that is applied with the help of foreground and background elements.

Neumorphism in Web Design Trends

This is a combination of flat design and skeuomorphism. This visual style can be created with a combination of background colours, shadows, shapes, highlights, and gradients. It helps designers to create a soft and extruded plastic look that has almost 3D styling.

Use of Abstract Art

The use of abstract art, especially geometric shapes, can create minimalist yet creative effects on your website. Modern web designers arrange these abstract arts to create figure illustration. It looks immensely creative and expressive.

Use of Emojis

With communication becoming less real and more digital, no one can ignore those cute and captivating emojis. In 2021, web designers use these emojis to create something cool, casual and playful for their users.

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