Learn About The Basic Principles of Graphic Design


Are you trying to create a creative graphic design? There are certain important principles that can help you in attractive and effective composition. Graphic design is a sought-after skill, helpful in creating high-end designs to promote businesses. Finding the right marketing agency for graphic design in Dorking. Let’s dive deeper into the subject.


Six Principles For Creating an Attractive Graphic Design



Balance means even distribution of the graphic design elements like shapes, images and text boxes. You can choose between a balanced design or an off-balanced one. There are three types of balance: Symmetrical, Asymmetrical, and Radial.

  • A symmetrical design is made along a vertical or horizontal axis in which the element’s weight is distributed on both sides of the layout.
  • Asymmetrical involves scale, contrast and colour to smooth a layout’s flow.
  • In radial, a design’s elements are kept in a circular pattern over the layout.



It helps in creating a visual connection among elements like images, shapes, and blocks of text. Correct alignment is essential for developing a sharp appearance as it culminates any distortion within the layout.



Hierarchy involves two crucial aspects: dominance and priority. You need to place design elements based on their relevance. It allows brands to convey their message to their targeted audience in an effective manner. The below tips will help you achieve this.


  • Highlight the title
  • Placing the key message at a higher level
  • Including detailed and colourful visuals,
  • Adding shapes to frame the focal view.



Contrast catches the attention of the customer to the design’s main elements. You need to maintain the difference among similar elements in a design. This will help in improving the overall legibility of a layout. You can form contrast by placing design elements in opposition to a layout. Some of the examples include large vs small, dark vs light; contemporary vs traditional; thick vs thin.



Rhythm is responsible for bringing together various elements to create an organised appearance. Repetitive elements like colour or logos help businesses to gain recognition. There are two categories of rhythm: fluid and progressive.


Colour and Space

Choosing the right colour will help you in defining the design tone. Make efforts to get the right combinations. You can also use a colour palette to make a better selection.


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