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Cyber security tips to keep your website safe and secure

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“Data is the new oil”, said Mathematician Clive Humby about the growing importance of data in world economics and politics. But data being that valuable an asset means, there are also risks of holding and maintaining Cyber Security for the large quantity of data. If you are the owner of a website, especially one with an e-commerce portal, then protection from cyber threats with the help of your web development company should be among your top priorities.

Top 5 tips on cyber security to keep hackers away

Update your passwords frequently

Stagnant passwords are like a godsend gift for hackers and phishers. The first line of defence in cybersecurity is using secure, hard-to-guess passwords and changing them regularly. Please do not use the names of your spouse or kids or their date of births as a password; choose unique ones with a combination of both upper and lower cases, symbols and numbers.

Invest in a good malware detector

Malware is spreading like a literal virtual plague nowadays. They put not only your system at risk but can also threaten third party and customer devices. Prevention is the best way to fight. A good malware detector will spot them and report them before they can cause a whole lot of damage.

SSL certification

Having an SSL certification is mandatory if you have a shopping site. It ensures that credit card or other bank related information send to your website by the customers is private and secure. With the help of a green HTTPS in the URL bar, customers can see your website is SSL-certified or not. So it not only keeps your connection secure but also enhances your reputation.

Regular software update

New versions of existing software come with better protection against cyber threats. It is best to get the latest edition as soon as possible post its release. Keep a keen eye out for any update regarding your e-commerce portal software, content management software, drivers, plugins and other elements of your website to keep your system safe.

Restrict your permissions

Multiple nodes, meaning many users log onto the website from different devices use system network in the medium to large scale companies. This increases the risk of cyber threat manifold times. To avoid this, be thoughtful about whom to grant permissions and put a better authorization process in the system.

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