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Different Types of Web Pages in An Effective Website

8 Pages With Full Responsive and CMS Site

An effective website with relevant web pages and designs plays an important role in nurturing and helping a business grow leaps and bounds. Irrespective of the nature and size of the business, every business owner must develop website designs that will help highlight the business’s services and products effectively.

If you’ve lately started a new business, then make sure that you approach a professional web designer in Horsham to get your official website designed. There are quite a few relevant web pages that must be designed relevantly to get a functional and responsive business website.

To know more about the relevant web pages, read on. Here’s a list of the same.

5 different types of web pages must be present in a business-relevant website

Types of Web Pages

Informative Homepages

This is the website’s main page and acts as the face cover for your business. The home page helps the visitors get an idea of the products/ services your business offers. Since this is the first visible page, the brand’s name, logo, contact information, relevant pictures of the products, and the navigation buttons to the other pages must be presented perfectly on the homepage. A dull and non-informative homepage will not attract the visitors’ attention and reduce the conversion rate.

E-commerce web page

If you want to sell your products and services online, creating a robust e-commerce page is essential. This should be designed in a customer-friendly manner so that all the categories of products can be browsed well along with price and description. You can highlight discounts and sales on this page. Hire experienced web designers to get the best outcome for this page.

Blog page

This is a page on your website that will help the SEO experts increase your website’s Google ranking. You will be required to post informative blogs on this page. You can also post casual and informative content about your products and offers for your products on the blog page as well.

Portfolio/ products/service pages

This is one of the main pages that every website must have. It should highlight the major products, works or services that the business offers. In the case of a service-based business, the portfolio page must contain many works done by the company. Make sure that this page is visible to every visitor right after the homepage.

Contact pages

A directory or the contact page is the one that is generally present in the last table. However, this should be designed, and sufficient information must be provided to ensure that a customer can immediately contact the executives.


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