Does your analytics show low time-on-page along with high bounce rates from mobile users? Are you on the lookout for ways to generate more leads for your business online? Getting responsive web design in Horsham can be the ideal way to provide a flawless experience to your users of different devices. Wondering how can a website’s mobile friendliness boost its conversions? Read on.

In April 2015, Google rolled out the algorithm update of incorporating a website’s mobile friendliness into its SEO ranking factors. Today, Google scans every site and then rates it based on the load times. Rankings can drop in organic search results if the site is not mobile-friendly or the load times are horrible. Owing to this significant change, it is important for businesses to optimise their websites and get a responsive design for mobile users

Here’s everything you need to know about getting a responsive site.

Increasing Conversions through Responsive Web Design in Horsham

Responsive web design is a website integrated with a fluid experience over various devices. Having a website which perfectly fits the device it’s being viewed on, will generate conversions in traffic by creating a better user experience

Since you cannot fit everything on smaller screens, the trick with a responsive site is that you need to know what to keep across every layout and what to trim. Keeping the right elements for smaller layouts can boost conversions even more by focusing on the more important aspects.

3 Reasons Why Businesses Should Choose Responsive Web design in Horsham

  • Google Prefers Mobile Responsive Web Design

Responsive website design is preferred by Google since it does not create two versions of the same site – one for mobile users and the other for desktop users. Instead, it creates a single website with the same HTML & URL which it can adapt, fit as well as retract to accommodate various kinds of devices. Other than providing users with an optimal experience, it also becomes more efficient to Google since it doesn’t require them to crawl various sites for assigning correct indexing properties.

  • Easier & Efficient To Manage

Getting responsive website design in Horsham is beneficial for every company owing to its efficiency and easy management. Not only is managing two websites less efficient, but even costly in comparison to having one mobile responsive website. Incorporating mobile friendliness in the designing of a website is thus imperative for every business.

  • Mobile Usage Is Increasing Rapidly

A recent study reveals that a significant number of Google searches are presently being performed through mobile devices. This is because the number of people searching the internet and accessing websites via mobile phones continues to rise. It has further been revealed that a majority of users are accessing websites on both desktop and mobile devices. Regardless of the site they visit, experts expect to enjoy a seamless experience and if your site isn’t responsive, they will leave your site.

Time to approach a leading web design agency and get a responsive website!