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How to make a stellar first impression with great web design?

8 Pages With Full Responsive and CMS Site

50 milliseconds! Do you know that’s all it takes for a user to decide whether to stay or leave your website? Well, as per a recent study, it just takes a few seconds for users to make an opinion about a site. Wondering about how to ensure your site makes a good first impression in such a short period? Opting for professional web design in Surrey is all you need to do.

Studies have revealed that it’s the general look and feel of a site which influences the user’s first impression of what the website represents. Small font size, boring design, use of wrong colour, slow loading of images and too many pop-up advertisements are some of the reasons why users doubt the credibility of a site and leave it entirely. On the other hand, sites which have great design are visually appealing and leave positive impressions on the visitors.

Here’s how you can make your site look aesthetically pleasing with great web design.

Stunning web design in surrey: ways to make long-lasting impressions

Easy navigation

Usability is one vital aspect which can make all the difference to the impression your site makes to its visitors. Users are more likely to stay on sites with easy, fast navigation since they can promptly get the vital information they need. All you need to do is abide by the “3-click rule” where it shouldn’t take more than 3 clicks for the user to access the information.

Mobile compatibility

Website responsiveness has become very essential since most users prefer using their mobile devices over desktops to visit websites. A thoughtfully designed website retains the layout and formatting of the necessary elements regardless of the device’s screen size which they are using for viewing the site. So, opting for responsive website design in Surrey is important for every business.

Use of white space

Are you aware of the fact that putting up too much information on your site can distract visitors from the actual purpose of the site? Ensure you make it clean and simple by removing any information or content which isn’t essential. It is always advisable to prevent clutter by strategically using white space which is the intentionally left blank space in the page.

Bright colours

Using colours is a vital component of every site which is used for pulling traffic and converting them into sales. You have to make sure they use of colours is done by keeping in mind what the target audience wants and what they wish to read through. Using colours is needed for creating a welcoming impression.

More videos and images

Aesthetically appealing videos and images are a great way to attract users to stay on your site. Through info videos and infographics, consider minimising the use for additional text in your site. A site with less text and more images and videos is more prone to attract potential customers in comparison to sites which have too much text.

Time to make the 50 milliseconds count!