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Most Effective Web Design Practices: Features Your Visitors Cannot Ignore

8 Pages With Full Responsive and CMS Site

A good website will help your business to stay in the competition for a more extended period. Nonetheless, creating a website that will help you attract traffic and offer a great conversion rate is not easy. There are lots of web design practices that determine the success of a website.

As a business owner, you should know the best web design practice to enjoy the desired ROI. You need to focus on features that will not make your customers confused and, at the same time, will help you to achieve your goals.

Best Web Design Practices

Web Design

Strong Branding

From the logo of your company to the image you use on your website, every single segment should be designed and developed as a part of your business branding. Your website must reflect the type of product or service you offer to your customers. For a company providing minimalist and smart products, the logo, image or headline of the website should be sleek, elegant and practical.

Web Design Practices For Effective CTA

Your website mainly aims to attract viewers, give them information about your products or services, and convert a casual viewer into a strong customer. The role of an effective and robust CTA or Call to Action button is imperative in motivating your viewers to perform an action to go the next levels one after another. This CTA must be positioned in a place that can be easily visible, clear and effective. The objective is to entice your audiences to perform a specific action (Call, send an email or buy products) to increase the conversion rate. The CTA buttons must look unique, alluring and intriguing so that buyers can easily notice and press them.

Fast Loading of Pages

Websites with slow loading time can ruin your online reputation. Visitors feel disgusted to stay on a site that takes too much time to load. To prevent the bounce rate of your website, you need to improve the loading time of your website pages and ensure that your viewers can enjoy a fast service. Use necessary plugins, smaller images, optimise your content – these are few tricks to increase the loading speed of your website. If you already have a website that has a slow loading speed, you can contact web design experts. They will add new features and rectify the existing ones to change the situation.

White Space

Our mind absorbs visual content more rapidly than what it hears. Both written and graphics or images can be absorbed by our mind, which sometimes makes it confused. The presence of too much content on a website can make the page look crowded and confusing. To avoid this issue, you must have adequate white space on your web pages. This white space might refresh your mind and eyes. An experienced and knowledgeable web designer will use this white space carefully and effectively.

Web Design Practices For Smart Navigation

A website with functional and smart navigation always makes visitors happy. You should create an organised and efficient navigation bar that can direct your viewers to the right way as per their requirements. They would love to explore more about your products or services while visiting your website. A functional navigation bar will make their job easy and fast. The navigation bar must have accurate and clear headings that can state information directly. You can also add subcategories under one navigation bar to make browsing easier for your viewers.

Responsive and SEO-Friendly

Nowadays, no one can imagine a website without these two features. A responsive or mobile-friendly website can attract 50% more traffic and earn at least 70% more ROI than a traditional one. On the other hand, being SEO-friendly means you can obtain a higher ranking on SERP, which will make your online presence more potent than ever. Web designers always try to build SEO-friendly responsive websites that are highly profitable for your business.

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