A website redesign is essential, but that should not put your SEO strategies on high risks. Sometimes, the companies make website redesign mistakes that can cripple their SEO strategies. Before you hire a professional and well-established web designing company for redesigning your website, you need to be sure about a few matters.

Why Website Redesign Necessary?

There are several reasons why a company should go for website redesigning project. Modification of your existing website can make your brand promotion easier and better. Along with the cause, you need to determine when and how the redesigning of the website should be done.

• You can create a better and smarter user-experience for your visitors.
• You can make your website more accessible for mobile visitors.
• You want your website to work faster and smarter than before.
• You wish to change that outdated and boring look of your website.
• Your website is not ready to support modern SEO strategies.
• You want to have a better rate of conversion on your website.
• You want to change the look and feel of your website for better exposure.

Things to Consider for Website Redesign

• Review your current website well to find out the drawbacks it has.
• Analyse the website of your competitors to check what makes them better.
• Define your target audience and their requirements.
• Consider the modern trends and features to add to your redesigned website.
• Study the analytical data in details to get a better output.
• Establish your clear and on-point objectives of having a website redesigned.

Website Redesign Mistakes You Must Avoid

Not-Optimising the On-Page Elements

Never forget to optimise the on-page elements of your website while redesigning the same. Non-optimising these elements will keep your renovated website far behind in the list of relevant sites on the SERPs.

Not Using SEO-Friendly Contents

After redesigning the website, it is necessary to add SEO-friendly contents on the same. Whether you are keeping the same content or adding something new; must use relevant keywords and add SEO-friendly elements to the content to make it visible and trendy.

Forgetting about Mobile Users

Never forget your mobile users. You should always ask for a responsive web design while hiring a team for redesigning your website. The average consumers now spend at least 75% of their time in a day on their mobile phones doing several types of work. The more you can utilise this time, the better conversion rate you can obtain.

Ignore Page Loading Times

No matter how improved or alluring your new website looks, it must not have a long loading time. The lower the loading time, the better user-experience you can offer. Hence, it is necessary to improve the loading time while redesigning the pages.

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