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Tips and Techniques to Design a Small Business Websites

8 Pages With Full Responsive and CMS Site

Be it any small business, establishing an online identity is essential in this competitive industry. It opens up different possibilities, besides providing a platform for them to showcase their products and service. But most importantly, it helps with modern-day marketing and brand exposure. Online small business websites increase the customer reach and help the brand distinguish itself from others. Consequently, they can reap long-term profits and benefits. Consult the Web Design Company in Horsham for the guaranteed outcome and professional services.

If you plan to build a new startup business website, you can follow this detailed guide to go about the procedure successfully. This way, you can effectively compete in the online marketplace.  

A Complete Guide to Building Small Business Websites

Obtaining a domain name for small business websites

Also known as the website address, it is the entry point to your website. It helps you make a good impression on all for search engine optimisation and usability purpose. You can follow these tips while deciding on a domain name- 

  • Easy to spell 
  • Use proper domain name extensions 
  • Keep it short  
  • Avoid numbers 
  • Make it memorable 
  • Research for future growth 
  • Check pricings 
  • Create SEO friendly URL  
  • Avoid nonsensical names 
Professional Web Design

Purchase small business websites

Next, you have to purchase a scalable website hosting company that can offer high tech, advanced support. This is essential to create visibility of the website on the internet.

You have to connect your domain name to the hosting provider. Then, when the users visit your website address, they can see your website, which you store in the hosting account.  

There are different hosting providers that you can choose from in the market.  

Business description

Prominently displaying a clear business description is essential. Since it is a small business, you do not want your consumers to get confused. You can also use banners for visual representation for the homepage. Also, ensure that your main and footer navigation menus have the link to “About Us” so that people are directed to the page directly after clicking on it.

Content implementation for small business websites

This is a significant step to leverage user engagement. You should use a good CMS or content management system to manage digital content and maintain your website without acquiring technical knowledge. You can design the CMS or customise it for better user-friendliness, extensibility and budget.

WordPress is a popular CMS system, open-source, versatile and with active support from an extensive online community. In addition, you can use plugins from WordPress to improve your website functionality.

Choosing an E-Commerce platform

If you plan to sell goods and products, you can take support from a reliable e-commerce business platform for secure financial transactions. There are different e-commerce platforms to choose from, such as WooCommerce, Shopify, Business Squarespace etc. 

The other steps that are necessary to set up a robust small business website include the following –

  • Hire Web Design Services for designing a user-friendly interface 
  • Optimisation of the website 
  • Implement SEO strategies and keyword research  
  • Publish the content regularly 
  • Install webmaster tools 
  • Follow a proper website maintenance plan

For more information, you can consult Media and More for bespoke website design solutions in Horsham. Generate more business with help from our expert strategists and designers.

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