How to deal with increasing cyber-attack during COVID- 19 pandemic


How to deal with increasing cyber-attack during COVID- 19 pandemic

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It is the pandemic and the lockdown that bring huge changes to our lifestyle. Along with our personal life, our professional life has shifted from offices to home offices. This “new normal” routine seems quite useful for both the employees and employers. The rate of cyber-attack has increased rapidly during this pandemic. However, when it comes to maintaining the security of the data, companies find it tougher than ever during this pandemic. Since, they need to give access to their programs and projects to their employees who are working from their home, the security and stability of all these data are on stake. As per reports, the rate of cybercrime has increased to a great extent during this period. The easy and regular cloud access to various data through different servers makes it easier for hackers to hack different systems. But how to deal with this situation?

How to make your data secured from cyber-attack during COVD 19 pandemic?

Up-to-date software to safe from cyber-attack

Use up-to-date software on your PC to avoid any malfunction. Old and outdated versions give easy access to hackers to a certain system. When you use the updated version of all the software solutions you have in your device, you can reduce the risks of being hacked.

Stronger protection

Always look for the best anti-malware software to protect your PC from any kind of threats. The anti-malware apps must be useful for your emails, web surfing and social media accounts. As the unprotected systems are the soft target of the hackers, the advanced anti-malware apps will help you to reduce the risks.

Good password

For all the vital data and accounts, companies should use 2FA or two factors authentication. However, one must have a good password practice too. It involves using strong passwords, frequently changing the passwords and not using the same passwords for every account or data.

Strong backup

Every company must have a strong backup and test the same to avoid data loss due to a cyber attack. Data loss is something that can make the company faces a big loss. The strong backup system will rescue the organization from abrupt and unwanted data loss. The system will also help you to recover the lost data.
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