5 Inspiring Graphic Design Trends for 2021

Graphic Design

5 Inspiring Graphic Design Trends for 2021

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Graphic design is not only for the movie business. Even a small corporate house can use this form of art to promote its brand. A well created graphic design can help you to communicate with your target audiences with style and elegance and share your views with them in a unique way. The ever-changing trends of this field make it relevant for modern digital advertising projects.

Each year a new trend in graphic design comes with the scope for a reset. Hence, you can expect to see something fresh and more creative in 2021 than those in 2020.

Why is Graphic Design Special?

The idea of using graphic design in business or marketing is all about transforming something average into something unique and more impressive. Whether it is a poster of an upcoming event of your company or the product launch banner of your new brand – with excellent graphical works, you can add more aesthetical value to your projects.

Most Powerful Graphic Design Trends of This Time

Use of Muted Colour Palates For Graphic Design

Colours with low saturation are known as muted colour in the graphic designing field. They are the opposite of vivid colours. These colours feel organic and safe in all types of designs and give you a vibe of nostalgia. This is why health and wellness brands often pick these colours while preparing their logo, banners or other graphical elements.

Shapes from Your Geometry Book

2020 was the year when we had seen the use of floating and abstract shapes in this world of graphic design. This year designers choose their shapes directly from your geometry books. From cute triangles to intriguing half-circles – you can see the use of various geometrical shapes to create eye-catchy designs. These hard-edged and rigid shapes look nice with soft and subtle colour palates.

Use of Data Visualisation

Whether you wish your audiences to see the percentage of your ongoing social media followers or the number of happy clients you have served within the last six months – graphic designers can do so. They use the technique of data visualisation to highlight various data through simple designs to make them easy to understand for your regular viewers. Your visitors can check these data and understand your point of view clearly without spending a lot of time reading big articles and blogs.

Classic Serif Fonts

The use of classic serif fonts is back in 2021. These fonts look dramatic, elegant and classic. You can see the use of these fonts for graphical illustrations for fashion houses and interior decoration companies where such elegance and class play a vital role.

3D Graphic Design

This is probably one trend that you can see every year on the list. However, it gets cooler and better with every version. Companies that have the most modern technological advances can produce the best 3D design for their clients.

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Top 4 Reasons to Hire a Professional Marketing Agency in Dorking

Marketing Agency

Top 4 Reasons to Hire a Professional Marketing Agency in Dorking

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Running a business is not easy. You need to maintain and plan a lot of things. Marketing strategy is one of them and probably one of the most challenging parts for every business. Most importantly, improper marketing plans can ruin a business. On the other hand, the right marketing strategies can boost a brand’s reputation and help it achieve bigger goals. However, the job of a professional marketing agency is to understand various factors related to a brand and then design a bespoke promotional plan for the same.

Important Factors to Consider for Making Marketing Policies

  1. The industry type
  2. The nature of the brand
  3. Target buyers
  4. The geographic location
  5. The aim of the campaign
  6. The tone of the campaign
  7. The budget of the campaign

Only an experienced and skilled marketing expert can understand the significance of all these factors while determining a certain marketing strategy for a specific product, brand or service.


Why Hire Marketing Agency?

Get Fresh Ideas From Marketing Agency

These experts have new ideas regarding effective marketing policies. They know the industry better than anyone else. Hence, they can help you with ideas that work nicely for your company. In this field, some tricks may work correctly for a certain company, and others can be quite disappointing. Therefore, only an expert can offer you fresh ideas which are useful and safe.

Help with Digital Media

In today’s world, without the help of digital media, marketing strategies seem incomplete. Modern marketing agencies are well aware of this trend. For instance, they can use the power of social media units to promote a new brand or to make an older one more popular among the target audiences. They use various techniques with SEO, SEM, PPT and SMO to improve the online identity and ranking of a business.

Correct Use of Tools With Marketing Agency

From social media to printing and graphics – an experienced marketing agency knows how to use all these tools to make a marketing strategy successful. Above all, they have experts in all these departments who perform their daily operations efficiently and dedication to offering you a comprehensive result.

Prevent Anti-Branding

Even if your brand is doing well in the market, you can notice a sudden fall in your ROI. This can happen due to a strong anti-branding campaign led by your competitors in the market. After that, your marketing experts will use their skills and tools to stop anti-branding and promote positive campaigns to regain your brand’s reputation.

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Latest Graphic Design Trends for 2021

Graphic Design

Latest Graphic Design Trends for 2021

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The design makes our world more unique and understandable. On the other hand, trends give us a position in time. We can achieve a place in time in a unique way by following the current graphic design trends in 2021.

Thanks to those brilliant and talented graphics designers working all across the globe who are trying to present some of the most creative and stunning design trends for businesses worldwide. Most importantly, their collective effort gives us a chance to experience some excellent transformation of old design ideas and the amalgamation of old and new styles to create something magical, relevant, reflexive and efficient for businesses.

Most Striking Graphic Design Trends

Graphic Designer

Abstract Psychedelia in Graphic Design

This trend allows the designers to think freely and express their minds without the conventional diction of designing. Psychedelia is deeply associated with creative experimentation that reflects one’s mind regarding the social happening around. This idea fosters freedom and lets the designers think and express their thoughts with colours and abstract design ideas.

Symbol Revival in Graphic Design

Symbols have special space in the history of design. Even a small red dot or a tri-coloured bar on a waving banner can depict a special message to all. The use of such symbols in graphic design is an old trend, but this year it makes more sense. Modern graphic designers modernise classic symbols and virtual motifs to create something magnificent for particular brands.

Retro Futurism

This trend symbolises the si-fi dream of a former time. It is appealing for this era because of its brilliant way to depict how the past got us wrong. By 2021, we were supposed to travel by flying cars and have robot maids; but this didn’t happen. But in the case of graphics design, experts, use this strong and prevalent style of retro-futurism in graphic designing to create something positive and unique and express ideas that can lead the future. Bright colours, curves and computer-inspired typography are the main characteristics of this retro-futurism trend.

Flawless Surrealism

The use of surrealism in graphic design is a common trend. However, in 2021, you can see an augmentation in this trend where the designers like to use various surreal images and concepts to create something creative and imagery. In 2021, graphic designers are expecting the ongoing social anxiety and depression (because of a pandemic) through surrealist collages. In these designs, images would be normal when you separate them, but if you see them together, they can create a completely different impact on your mind.

Only top graphic designers with in-depth knowledge, excellent creative sense and vast experience can give you something exclusive and striking.

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