4 Reasons You Need A Responsive Website Design

4 Reasons You Need A Responsive Web Design In Horsham

4 Reasons You Need A Responsive Website Design

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An easy way to make your website mobile-friendly is with a responsive design. The right design will solve many problems for your website. It will improve how your company’s website looks on various devices with different screen sizes. Your visitors will also spend more time on your website, which will help in improving your rank on search results.

Few More Reasons Your Website Needs A Responsive Design

4 Reasons You Need A Responsive Web Design In Horsham

More Mobile Traffic

You will be surprised to know that the top websites get the most traffic from mobile devices. It has become necessary for companies to have websites that their potential customers can view on the small screen without any distorted images. Instead of having a separate website version for mobile users, choose a responsive design, and your site will get better visibility at a lower price.

Fast Loading

Since mobile users generally have short attention spans, you need a website with a responsive design that loads faster. Get in touch with a reputable company for web design in Horsham, and they will create a responsive design for your site. You don’t have to worry about your potential visitors abandoning your web pages because they take more than 3 seconds to load. Online visitors can also become frustrated if the site is hard to navigate.

Less Maintenance

When compared with traditional web designs, a responsive design requires less maintenance, so you save a lot of time in the long run. You don’t have to invest in additional testing and support. To ensure the optimal layout of every screen, a responsive design uses standardised testing methodologies. You don’t have to maintain two content strategies, two design teams or two administrative interfaces.

Faster Mobile Development

You will have to pay for web design services and website development. Making a stand-alone mobile application is more time-consuming than making a responsive website. Time is money for business owners, and developing a responsive website will help them save a lot of time. You also have to invest less to develop a responsive website instead of developing two separate websites for computers and mobile.

Since you are aware of all the benefits of a responsive web design, it’s time you get in touch with the experienced designers at Media & More.

Webflow: Is This the New Beginning of Web Development?


Webflow: Is This the New Beginning of Web Development?

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The world of web development and designs witnesses transformations every day. Some of them fade away after a while, and some come to rule the industry. The current buzz in the market is Webflow, and it seems that it will be not go anywhere soon.

With so many challenging and complex procedures of web development and designing, experts have been trying to get something easy and quick for many years. Coding seems the most difficult part of this job, and now it can be easier and quicker with this latest technology called webflow.

Webflow - Beginning the New Era of Web Development

Webflow new era of Web Development

What Is Webflow?

Webflow is the latest web design and development tool. You can also call it CMS, an ecommerce and hosting platform. A particular feature or product set represents each aspect of this platform so that users can easily understand and pick the feature as per their needs.

Ensure Clear Navigation

You can capture the interest of your audience and improve dwell time by designing a site that can be easily navigated. Get in touch with a reputable company offering web design services and they will choose a design for clear and concise navigation. You can also expect longer bounce rates if your site offers easy navigation. Your audience won’t feel frustrated if they don’t have to spend more time to dig the information they need.

Why Should You Choose Webflow?

Typically, web designers and developers use different types of tools to execute different types of jobs that include graphics and visual design, coding, prototyping and others. The use of so many complex tools makes the process of web design and development challenging, time-consuming and sometimes daunting for professionals.

The main aim of webflow is to simplify this entire process of web designing by allowing you to design and develop at the same time. This will save you time, give you flexibility and ensure smart results.

Some of the Typical Issues that Web Designers Face

  • Find it is hard to keep the connection between the visual design and the coding.
  • Find it challenging to code animated transitions because of the complexity of these interactions.
  • Creating and optimising designs for different types of screens to support the responsive format of the website.

How Can Webflow Help the Designers in this Journey?

Webflow, being an in-browser designer tool, allows web designers to design, develop and launch visually responsive websites. This is an all-in-one designing platform that helps designers to perform the entire task flawlessly that including mapping the initial ideas to delivering a ready-to-use product for their clients.

How is Webflow Different from Other Design Tools?

  • Here, you do not see the codes and the visual designs separately.
  • Everything you create in the visual editor is powered by JavaScript, HTML and CSS.
  • Webflow allows web designers and developers to reuse CSS classes.
  • It is a platform that offers hosting plans through which you can connect a custom domain and keep hosting your HTML site.

What is the difference between WordPress and Workflow?

WordPress is an open-source content management system or CMS. You have to install this CMS on your hosting server. Webflow is a “Software as a Service” or SaaS application that will manage everything for you.

Get the Best Website Design and Development Service

When you are looking for a smart, easy and efficient service of web design and development, you must trust the experts of this industry. Media & More is one such company. We have vast experience working with the latest applications to create smart and functional websites with mesmerizing designs.

Please get in touch with us for latest updates.

Increase Dwell Time On Your Website With 4 Web Designing Tips

website desgn

Increase Dwell Time On Your Website With 4 Web Designing Tips

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Every business owner knows the importance of dwell time. Generally, it refers to the amount of time a person spends on a website after clicking a link on the SERP page and before going back to the search results. You need a web design that will increase the dwell time so that users can find what they need. If the dwell time is long, search engines will assume that your site can be trusted. As a result, your rankings will improve and you will get better placement on search results.

Few Ways You Can Improve Dwell Time On Your Site

Pro Tips Website Design hacks to increase Dwell time

Produce Quality Content

The quality of the content you are providing on your site will determine how much time people will spend there. They will spend more time if the content is valuable. It is your responsibility to ensure that the content you are providing is informative, helpful and engaging. Try to avoid writing promotional content as they are quite dull. You can engage your audience with compelling and entertaining content. If possible, use more videos, photos, quizzes, infographics and compilations.

Ensure Clear Navigation

You can capture the interest of your audience and improve dwell time by designing a site that can be easily navigated. Get in touch with a reputable company offering web design services and they will choose a design for clear and concise navigation. You can also expect longer bounce rates if your site offers easy navigation. Your audience won’t feel frustrated if they don’t have to spend more time to dig the information they need.

Use Videos And Images

There are a few situations when people don’t read content, even if it is of high quality. It generally occurs if the content is too long and does not have breaks. It becomes a challenge for readers to maintain their attention. You can increase the value of your blog post by adding a few images and videos where possible. It also helps in improving the dwell time by captivating your readers.

Optimise Loading Speed

In today’s hectic life, people lack the patience to wait when a site is loading. There is a high chance for them to leave if it takes more than 2 seconds to load. The loading time of a website largely depends on its design. Choose skilled designers as they know the various factors that impact the site load time’s consistency and speed.

Since you now know the various ways the web design can increase the dwell time on your website, it’s time you get in touch with the experts at Media & More.

Choose From The Best Colour Schemes For Your Web Design

Web Design

Choose From The Best Colour Schemes For Your Web Design

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A very powerful tool for web designers is the colour scheme of the site. Colours are powerful enough to change one’s perception. The ones you choose for your personal or business account can make or break the web design look. It also determines how easily you can engage your viewers. Choosing the right colour scheme is very important irrespective of creating an image to support your content or working on a more elaborate project. If you want the site to be inviting, the ones you should use will be different from what you should use if you want the site to be bold and proactive.

The Latest Colour Schemes You Can Choose For Web Design

Web Design

Bright Accent Colours For Web Design

Web designers widely prefer them as you can mix shades of violet and blue with shades of bright accent colours like red and orange. The colour contrast will give your site a unique combination and look. The vivid blue background won’t blend easily with the red and orange accents and immediately draw your viewers’ attention. Get in touch with a reputed web design company in Surrey, and you can rest assured that your viewers will go through the entire page’s content.

Natural And Earthy

Use some natural and earthy colours for your website if you create a design related to sustainability and nature. The colours will make you feel that you are surrounded by a nurturing outdoor scene and soothing blue sky. The ‘down-to-earth’ colour scheme has a pleasant colour combination which comes in handy when designing a website for a business dealing with environmental issues.

Cool And Fresh Web Design

Want to create a refreshing and clean palette for your website? You can use emerald green and dark imperial blue, and they will render it a clean and fresh look. The combination is generally used during web design in Surrey for websites with ocean or a water-related setting. It will convey a reliable and calm image of your business to your online viewers.

Audacious And Vibrant

If you love the beautiful shades of turquoise and coral red and want to include them on your website, combine them with other shades of blue and create an eye-catching design. Your site will get a bold and vibrant look. Cooler blues are considered to be the best bold feature colour by many web designers. Generally, this colour scheme is used when creating a website with a modern-looking and edgy design.

Since you are now aware of the latest colour schemes you can choose from for your website, it’s time you get in touch with the experienced web designers at Media & More. Please get in touch with us at 01737 400061 for highly creative results with unique customer service.

5 Inspiring Graphic Design Trends for 2021

Graphic Design

5 Inspiring Graphic Design Trends for 2021

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Graphic design is not only for the movie business. Even a small corporate house can use this form of art to promote its brand. A well created graphic design can help you to communicate with your target audiences with style and elegance and share your views with them in a unique way. The ever-changing trends of this field make it relevant for modern digital advertising projects.

Each year a new trend in graphic design comes with the scope for a reset. Hence, you can expect to see something fresh and more creative in 2021 than those in 2020.

Why is Graphic Design Special?

The idea of using graphic design in business or marketing is all about transforming something average into something unique and more impressive. Whether it is a poster of an upcoming event of your company or the product launch banner of your new brand – with excellent graphical works, you can add more aesthetical value to your projects.

Most Powerful Graphic Design Trends of This Time

Use of Muted Colour Palates For Graphic Design

Colours with low saturation are known as muted colour in the graphic designing field. They are the opposite of vivid colours. These colours feel organic and safe in all types of designs and give you a vibe of nostalgia. This is why health and wellness brands often pick these colours while preparing their logo, banners or other graphical elements.

Shapes from Your Geometry Book

2020 was the year when we had seen the use of floating and abstract shapes in this world of graphic design. This year designers choose their shapes directly from your geometry books. From cute triangles to intriguing half-circles – you can see the use of various geometrical shapes to create eye-catchy designs. These hard-edged and rigid shapes look nice with soft and subtle colour palates.

Use of Data Visualisation

Whether you wish your audiences to see the percentage of your ongoing social media followers or the number of happy clients you have served within the last six months – graphic designers can do so. They use the technique of data visualisation to highlight various data through simple designs to make them easy to understand for your regular viewers. Your visitors can check these data and understand your point of view clearly without spending a lot of time reading big articles and blogs.

Classic Serif Fonts

The use of classic serif fonts is back in 2021. These fonts look dramatic, elegant and classic. You can see the use of these fonts for graphical illustrations for fashion houses and interior decoration companies where such elegance and class play a vital role.

3D Graphic Design

This is probably one trend that you can see every year on the list. However, it gets cooler and better with every version. Companies that have the most modern technological advances can produce the best 3D design for their clients.

If you wish to get flawless graphic design service in Dorking, Media & More is the right choice. Please get in touch with us at 01737 400061 for highly creative results with unique customer service.

Tips and Techniques to Design a Small Business Websites

Small Business Websites

Tips and Techniques to Design a Small Business Websites

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Be it any small business, establishing an online identity is essential in this competitive industry. It opens up different possibilities, besides providing a platform for them to showcase their products and service. But most importantly, it helps with modern-day marketing and brand exposure. Online small business websites increase the customer reach and help the brand distinguish itself from others. Consequently, they can reap long-term profits and benefits. Consult the Web Design Company in Horsham for the guaranteed outcome and professional services.

If you plan to build a new startup business website, you can follow this detailed guide to go about the procedure successfully. This way, you can effectively compete in the online marketplace.  

A Complete Guide to Building Small Business Websites

Obtaining a domain name for small business websites

Also known as the website address, it is the entry point to your website. It helps you make a good impression on all for search engine optimisation and usability purpose. You can follow these tips while deciding on a domain name- 

  • Easy to spell 
  • Use proper domain name extensions 
  • Keep it short  
  • Avoid numbers 
  • Make it memorable 
  • Research for future growth 
  • Check pricings 
  • Create SEO friendly URL  
  • Avoid nonsensical names 
Professional Web Design

Purchase small business websites

Next, you have to purchase a scalable website hosting company that can offer high tech, advanced support. This is essential to create visibility of the website on the internet.

You have to connect your domain name to the hosting provider. Then, when the users visit your website address, they can see your website, which you store in the hosting account.  

There are different hosting providers that you can choose from in the market.  

Business description

Prominently displaying a clear business description is essential. Since it is a small business, you do not want your consumers to get confused. You can also use banners for visual representation for the homepage. Also, ensure that your main and footer navigation menus have the link to “About Us” so that people are directed to the page directly after clicking on it.

Content implementation for small business websites

This is a significant step to leverage user engagement. You should use a good CMS or content management system to manage digital content and maintain your website without acquiring technical knowledge. You can design the CMS or customise it for better user-friendliness, extensibility and budget.

WordPress is a popular CMS system, open-source, versatile and with active support from an extensive online community. In addition, you can use plugins from WordPress to improve your website functionality.

Choosing an E-Commerce platform

If you plan to sell goods and products, you can take support from a reliable e-commerce business platform for secure financial transactions. There are different e-commerce platforms to choose from, such as WooCommerce, Shopify, Business Squarespace etc. 

The other steps that are necessary to set up a robust small business website include the following –

  • Hire Web Design Services for designing a user-friendly interface 
  • Optimisation of the website 
  • Implement SEO strategies and keyword research  
  • Publish the content regularly 
  • Install webmaster tools 
  • Follow a proper website maintenance plan

For more information, you can consult Media and More for bespoke website design solutions in Horsham. Generate more business with help from our expert strategists and designers.

Please get in touch with our team at 01737 400061 to know about our web designing services.

Latest Graphic Design Trends for 2021

Graphic Design

Latest Graphic Design Trends for 2021

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The design makes our world more unique and understandable. On the other hand, trends give us a position in time. We can achieve a place in time in a unique way by following the current graphic design trends in 2021.

Thanks to those brilliant and talented graphics designers working all across the globe who are trying to present some of the most creative and stunning design trends for businesses worldwide. Most importantly, their collective effort gives us a chance to experience some excellent transformation of old design ideas and the amalgamation of old and new styles to create something magical, relevant, reflexive and efficient for businesses.

Most Striking Graphic Design Trends

Graphic Designer

Abstract Psychedelia in Graphic Design

This trend allows the designers to think freely and express their minds without the conventional diction of designing. Psychedelia is deeply associated with creative experimentation that reflects one’s mind regarding the social happening around. This idea fosters freedom and lets the designers think and express their thoughts with colours and abstract design ideas.

Symbol Revival in Graphic Design

Symbols have special space in the history of design. Even a small red dot or a tri-coloured bar on a waving banner can depict a special message to all. The use of such symbols in graphic design is an old trend, but this year it makes more sense. Modern graphic designers modernise classic symbols and virtual motifs to create something magnificent for particular brands.

Retro Futurism

This trend symbolises the si-fi dream of a former time. It is appealing for this era because of its brilliant way to depict how the past got us wrong. By 2021, we were supposed to travel by flying cars and have robot maids; but this didn’t happen. But in the case of graphics design, experts, use this strong and prevalent style of retro-futurism in graphic designing to create something positive and unique and express ideas that can lead the future. Bright colours, curves and computer-inspired typography are the main characteristics of this retro-futurism trend.

Flawless Surrealism

The use of surrealism in graphic design is a common trend. However, in 2021, you can see an augmentation in this trend where the designers like to use various surreal images and concepts to create something creative and imagery. In 2021, graphic designers are expecting the ongoing social anxiety and depression (because of a pandemic) through surrealist collages. In these designs, images would be normal when you separate them, but if you see them together, they can create a completely different impact on your mind.

Only top graphic designers with in-depth knowledge, excellent creative sense and vast experience can give you something exclusive and striking.

At Media & More, you can meet such highly qualified graphic designers in Dorking. These experts can give you designs that match the trend with unique style and form. As a top digital marketing company, we can offer you seamless website design and development services too.
For more information, kindly get in touch with us at 01737 400061 to know about our graphic designing services.

The Future of Web Design Marketers Should Know About

Effective Web Design

The Future of Web Design Marketers Should Know About

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With the input of technological advancements in every segment, experts predict a bright future for Web Design and web-based marketing. Today, an online website has become a major requirement for every business. Companies consult professional website designers to build a creative website that is functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. Moreover, these websites act as a powerful medium of engagement between the business and potential customers.

With the reshaping of digital experiences, experts forecast a massive sweep in the field of website design and development. The website responsiveness, look and feel will be exclusive, providing the onlookers with a surreal experience that they have never witnessed before. Arguably the future of website design will be brilliant. With over-reliance on smart technology, it will be enveloped with a digital fascination, consequently raising the stakes.   

Futuristic Web Design Trends

With the business archetype shifting toward an in-depth online mode, modern websites command the functioning business’s efficiency. It is gaining traction since, with the influence of rapid technological progress, the future of website designing will grow manifold.

Some of the popular trends impacting the growth of website development and design are as follows –

Web Designer

AI and Chatbot integration

AI is a highly controversial topic of your generation. People are discussing it a lot; however, one cannot doubt the potentials of this technology. While many estimate that it will ultimately outweigh the benefits of machine use, it will play a prominent and dramatic role in creating web designs for tomorrow. Presently, autonomous online services are a result of AI. Likewise, web users will take an interest in websites embedded with the AI factor.

One common and practical implementation of AI in websites is Chatbots. Many businesses are already utilising this feature to the full extent. By eliminating manual interference, it shows human-induced behaviour by promptly answering all the client queries and doubts. It has massively helped the business flourish by establishing a solid relationship with the customers.

Chatbots have successfully taken over the entire network, from supermarkets to medical websites, e-commerce and more. As time passes, Chatbots and AI will look more like automatic and customised personal shoppers, starting a new era in business website development.   

3D Visuals in Web Design

While VR or Virtual Reality is already taking a huge stance in website design, it is yet to be adopted ultimately. Web VR is yet to become a prime reality, but it is possible with cumulative system upgrades. It is a plausible possibility, going to increase website responsiveness with more interactive features.

Until then, the professionals are working on 3D graphics to provide an immersive experience to the viewers. This has enabled businesses to merge real-time physical and digital experiences for their clients. With more captivating 3D visuals, they get lured into taking the necessary actions. 

Augmented Reality

AR has become a coveted requirement for modern business websites, helping them enlarge their customer base accordingly. In fact, studies state that almost 60% of them already prefer websites where some version of AR is present. AR creates an interactive environment, right from wearable devices to smartphones. In the future times, websites are likely to adopt it, thus building a perfect balance between contrast and content.

To upgrade your business website, consult Media & More for their exemplary bespoke website design and graphic design services. Their lead-focused websites generate business revenue for every client, ideally fulfiling their requirements with expertise and professionalism. Please get in touch with our team at 01737 400061 to know about our web designing services.

6 Web Design Trends in 2021

Web Design Trends

6 Web Design Trends in 2021

8 Pages With Full Responsive and CMS Site

Almost two months have passed since the year started. Have you noticed any changes in web design trends in 2021 yet? Do you think that there are some drastic transformations in this trend from the previous year?

The experts of web design admit that 2020 was not easy, and 2021 can be even tougher for them. But, that cannot stop them from trying new ideas and deploying the latest techniques. Their journey towards creating something fresh, innovative, and functional to match the current taste of the web users will never end.

Most Dramatic Web Design Trends

Web Design

Retro Fonts in Web Design Trends

In the world of fashion, it is common to see the repeat of the old day’s style after a certain interval. Now, you can see this trend in the industry of web design too. The demand for retro fonts is back. You can see a well-planned use of vintage typography on websites to make things look “Cool and Captivating”.

Horizontal Scrolling in Web Design Trends

At the beginning of this year, we can see a lot of web designers using the horizontal scrolling methods on their websites to break the monotony. They can break the pattern and present their viewers with something more intriguing. It can be a great way to pass secondary information to the viewers in a decent and exciting manner.

Parallax Animation

While the use of animation on web pages is a widely popular idea, things become more complex and intriguing with the use of parallax animation. Parallax is a kind of optical illusion that is applied with the help of foreground and background elements.

Neumorphism in Web Design Trends

This is a combination of flat design and skeuomorphism. This visual style can be created with a combination of background colours, shadows, shapes, highlights, and gradients. It helps designers to create a soft and extruded plastic look that has almost 3D styling.

Use of Abstract Art

The use of abstract art, especially geometric shapes, can create minimalist yet creative effects on your website. Modern web designers arrange these abstract arts to create figure illustration. It looks immensely creative and expressive.

Use of Emojis

With communication becoming less real and more digital, no one can ignore those cute and captivating emojis. In 2021, web designers use these emojis to create something cool, casual and playful for their users.

At Media & More, we constantly work with new web design ideas to create something trendy and interesting. Please get in touch with our team at 01737 400061 to know about our web designing services.