Know the differences between website redesign and refresh

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Know the differences between website redesign and refresh

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Building a website may not be enough to promote your business on the online platform. Like your house and office, sometimes you need to renovate the old or the existing one. Website redesign to get a new vibe for your business. As the modern website designing technologies are continually improving and getting to their next level, there are many things that your old website may not have. The absence of these features will make the website outdated.

The only thing you need to do to save your website from being outdated in redesigning or refreshing. What is the difference between these two techniques? What should you do for the improvement of your website?

Before you take any decision, it is the time to know about both these techniques in details. So that you can understand which one would be more effective for your business.

Website refreshing

There can be certain features that your website currently has which are not helping it to move forward or work as per the recent digital marketing algorithm. On the other hand, there have to be some new features that must be included. Then your website gets ready for those algorithms too.
Website refreshing is all about adding and removing those features which you need to make your website ready for the modern digital marketing methods. The refreshed website will have features that will adjust the recent landscape of online marketing.

Website redesign

This is all about getting a make-over of the website to make it more attractive or add some more information in a stylish manner to attract your viewers. It is all about having some development of the existing website so that it can enjoy an improved digital marketing performance for a long period.
You need to have content planning, new layout, new digital marketing strategies and new ideas to implement in the design parts of the website to give it a new look. It would help you in complete rebranding your business with smart approaches.
Only an experienced and dedicated team can handle both websites redesigning and refreshing jobs flawlessly. They can also suggest you whether you need to refresh your website or redesigning will be more useful for you.
Media & More is one such website design company that can offer you complete solutions as per your current business goals. We are a top marketing agency in the UK with vast experience in website design and digital marketing. Please get in touch with us 01737 400061 for detailed information.

4 Super web development trends every business should expect

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4 Super web development trends every business should expect

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Every year, the flow of new technologies and trends changes the shape of the environment in which the web developers work. If one year is popular for developing mobile responsive websites, then the next one is marked by chatbots. Every single trend has its own significance in the world of web development. They are typically in the trend to match the current needs of the website users as well as the website owners.
Let’s see what the top 4 web development trends that every business should expect to have in 2020 are.
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Top 4 web development trends that every business should expect

Chatbots and Customer Support

With the changing face of “customer care” department; the businesses in 2020 need something more result-driven, reliable and functional than the technologies they are using to provide customer support in the previous years. Hence, the introduction or application of chatbot is right here. This is a kind of software application that is applied to conduct an online chat with the customer whenever they visit the website and require information. It can be a text or text-to-speech method that is used in such a conversation.

Modular Design

Instead of creating a website using restricted templates, nowadays, the developers are using modular design for different websites. Modular designs give the freedom to the developers to reuse modules and components to develop a certain web page. Web developers can use this technology to create content blocks that can display information on a web page in a powerful manner.

Responsive Web Development

Responsive design is no more considered as a nice-to-have feature in the web development industry. It becomes a must-have feature that can fulfil the needs of this current time. In 2015, 35% of website traffic was generated from mobile devices. In 2020, it becomes 50%. This growth is constant. Hence, the need for creating mobile responsive websites is no more an option, but an obligation for the business owners. Thus, the demand for responsive web development is augmenting day by day.

Voice Search Optimization

Voice search is one of the most fashionable and popular trends in the industry of web development in 2020. Technologies like Siri, Cortana, Alexa, Echo or Google Assistant are the bright proof of this. Customers or users feel more comfortable with such voice search options rather than traditional typing techniques. So, the web developers need to add this feature to their website to make it ready for modern users.
These are the top 4 common web development trends that are already in the market in 2020. The experts are waiting to see the updated version of these technologies in the near future.
Contact Media & More 01737 400061 for more information about flawless website development trends and technologies.

5 Latest trends in web design you must know about

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5 Latest trends in web design you must know about

Web designers are constantly innovating and experimenting with the latest technologies and web design strategies. This ensures top-notch user experience and highly optimised website designs. Being a highly dynamic and versatile field, nothing about web design stays the same over a long period. Designers always strive to capitalise on the latest technologies.
In 2020, the field of website design has significantly transformed than how it was even a few years back. Several industry trends have risen and fallen over time, and several others are yet to grow. But right now, let us take a look at the most popular trends that are defining the future of web design in 2020.

Top 5 web design trends to watch out

Here is a list of the top 5 future-piercing website design trends to watch out for in 2020.

Custom visuals

Making a site visually appealing is the critical objective of website design. Custom visuals that blend responsive designs with complex and intricate illustration works, animations and unique design features are getting more popular.

AI-integrated web design experience

Design models based on AI-integrated interactions is the hot topic of the design world. This technique makes use of customer usage patterns and data to offer highly personalised user experiences. AI-based interactions also include 3D, animations, and illustrations.

Human-centric web designing

Less is the new more. With minimalism in trend, the design world is always trying to make complicated things more straightforward for users. The web designers are formulating future-proof strategies that help brands enhance user relationships. The plan also brings a more human-centric model and deliver connected products and services that the users are associate with.


Another top trending technique in the world of web design is micro-animation. Enhanced interactions through micro-animation are made possible, along with fluidity in the entire designing process.
Micro-animations and interactions deliver users with instant feedback, guidance, and affirmation. Also deliver the more intuitive feel and better engagement through hover, scroll, tap, and swipe animations.

Simplicity of functions

Designers are aiming at more functional but simplistic visual effects like mono-colour themes that create uniformity.
If you are looking for advanced web design solutions come to Media and More. Media and More is one of the most reputed companies providing quality and advanced web design solutions for a variety of client requirements. Please feel free to get in touch with us 01737 400061 for more information.

How can a small business get benefits from professional website design services

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How can a small business get benefits from professional website design services

A business, whether it is small or big, needs the right platform to showcase its potential. In this current time, a website plays a vital role in every business to develop brand awareness. A well-settled business has the popularity and brand recognition, but for a newbie, it is important to make people aware of their existence.
A smart, attractive and informative website can help the small business owners to create brand awareness among their target audiences. This is the reason small or local businesses must hire a professional web designer to obtain a beautiful website.

Benefits of website design services for small businesses

Strong online presence with website design services

A beautifully created website makes your online presence stronger than ever. The professional website designing agencies also offer digital marketing services to make your website popular and attract traffic to the same. Hence, people will become aware of your brand when they find it online. The more attractive website you can build the higher traffic you can expect.

Cost-effective promotion

Your website can be your online store from which you can sell your products or services. That means you do not need to take a brick and mortar store on a lease, appoint sales executives or other store staffs. A well-built website can be your most stylish online store. This is a cost-effective way to promote your brand.

Target local customers

With the help of local SEO, the website designing companies easily target the local customers of your products and brands. If you are a local brand of garments and wish to grab the attention of your local clients, then your website can do it rightly on behalf of you. People of a particular geographic location will find your website and place the order to get their products.

Improve your brand value

An authentic, well-created and smart-looking website plays a vital role in improving your brand value. A trust factor can be built between you and your customers through this website. This will help you to earn good annual revenue.

Enjoy best ROI with professional website design services

Hiring a professional team for website design services will help you to enjoy the best ROI. More and more people will start recognizing your local brand and believe in your services. Hence, you can earn a reputation in your target market.

Stay ahead in the competition

This is the age of competition. No matter how big or small your business is, there have to be competitors who are trying to be ahead of you and win the race. In such a situation, it does not make any sense if you are not ready to upgrade yourself. You need to understand the demand of the current time and be prepared for the same. A nicely crafted website will help you in doing so.
While talking about website designing for small or local businesses, Media & More is the right company to be hired. We have vast experience in website designing and website development. Our experts are ready to offer you bespoke website designs to match the specific requirements of your business. Please feel free to get in touch with us 01737 400061 for more information.

Questions to ask yourself before you choose your final website design

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Questions to ask yourself before you choose your final website design

Deciding on the final website design for your business is challenging. You need to go through a time-consuming and tedious process that is firmly attached to the entire website designing system. As the business owner, you can hire experienced and talented website designing experts for this project. But the end call has to be yours. You should say yes to design, and then the team will start working on it finally.

There are a lot of questions that you should give answers to before choosing the final design of your website.
Small Business Websites

Most important website design questions

What should be the theme of the website design

The theme of the website design should be decided on the basis of your brand or business’s personality. The theme of the website will gradually become the face of your brand. So, ask yourself what kind of theme you should have for your business website so that people can recognise your brand through it easily. It can be extravagant or a minimalist design theme; the choice has to be done keeping the type of branding you want for your business.

Does the website design match your purpose

You want to have a website for a definite purpose. It can be selling the goods, making people aware of a cause or keeping people informed about your services and products – the purpose of the website should have a close relationship with the design of the same. The functionality and design should match to be a great website.

Who are your target customers

It is highly required to determine the final design of the website based on the type of your target customers. The design which will grab the attention of the people belong to 20 to 30 age group may not impress the people belong to 40 to 50. So, who are your target customers? Are they the college students or the well-established business professionals or the people with specific creative interest? Before you determine the final design of your website, you should focus on the type of customers you are targeting through the same.

Are the pictures relevant to the theme

A website can have different types of images to showcase your products, skills, values and goals in business. However, you need to ensure that they are matching the theme of the website. For example, if you have soft, green, natural element base images for your website, then choose the theme accordingly.

Does the design have impressive elements

A design may have several elements to offer. As the owner of the website, you need to understand whether those elements are impressive for your viewers or not. Whether it is the colour tone or the fonts or the distribution of the text and images – the overall elements must be relevant and smart enough to pull the attention of the viewers.
Media and More is a noted website designing company in the UK. We create bespoke websites for different industries as per their requirements and budget. Please feel free to get in touch with us 01737 400061 for more information.

Why prefer Media & More as the best website design company in horsham

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Why prefer Media & More as the best website design company in horsham

Horsham is a market town in West Sussex, England. It offers much for the locals as well as the visitors. You can enjoy shopping, dining, entertainment and much more in this beautiful European town. With all these great features, no wonder the becomes a hub of many industries. Following the current trends, these businesses need a strong and alluring online presence to attract their target customers. Media & More has special solutions for them. We offer comprehensive website design services in Horsham to meet their diverse needs.

But how our services are different from the others? Why businesses prefer Media & More as the best website design company in Horsham?

Our most amazing features as a website design company

Website design company with highly qualified team

At Media & More, we have a highly-qualified team of trained website designers who have immense experience in designing. Their creative excellence makes their job flawless. Moreover, they have in-depth knowledge about the latest trends in web designing. Our experts can implement these trends in a successful manner to create bespoke websites for your business.

Vast experience

As a successful and professional marketing agency, we have been serving this industry for many years and have gained experience that helps us to overcome challenges without any hassle. Our experience has taught us that every client is different, and so are their requirements. Hence, we believe in providing bespoke solutions for individual clients.

Innovative designs with logical thinking

At Media & More, we blend our innovative designing skills with logical thinking to create smart websites for your business. Hence, the website we design will not only help people to find out your company online, but it also makes them feel fascinated while visiting the same. They find it intriguing as well as rational. We take special care about transforming ideas into reality, utilising our expertise in the right manner.

Successful implementation of modern techniques

Website designing industry has changed a lot in the last couple of years. The ideas of preparing a design layout for a particular business have changed because the need of the companies has changed a lot. Hence, people are ready to think “out of the box” which makes our web designers do experiments with designs, fonts, layouts and colours on a website. We implement all the modern designing techniques to create something highly impressive for your business.

Wide range of services

As a renowned marketing agency, we are not limited our skill in designing a website. We know how to make it popular after it is designed. We have special SEO and digital marketing teams in our company. These experts will ensure that you have enough traffic on your website.

For more information, you can call us 01737 400061 or send us emails. We would be happy to offer you our best website designing solution for your business.

How can web development companies help your business during lockdown

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How can web development companies help your business during lockdown

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This lockdown is a phase which all of us are experiencing for the first time in our life. This is not something regional but a global crisis, and we all need to accept its consequences. Apart from the individuals, businesses also find it difficult to survive during this COVID 19 lockdown. They are not getting their revenues properly because of this stagnant condition of the world economy. In such a situation, they all need strong support to become more accessible for their clients so that they can continue their service.

The idea of being digital or doing business online is not new. However, the pandemic and the lockdown crisis have shown us how important this idea really is. We all now can understand that the internet is the ultimate medium of communication. In such a situation, the demand for professional web development companies has increased to a significant level all over the world. Companies are looking for trusted and experienced web development company to build robust websites through which they can do business online.

There are several ways a web development company can help you in this lockdown period.

Services that web development companies offer

Develop brilliant websites for you

If you do not have a website for your local business, but want to reach to your customers during the lockdown, you need a strong and brilliant website. Contact with the top web development companies and get quotes from them. Choose the ones with the most affordable rates and reliable solutions. They can develop brilliant websites for your local as well as global businesses so that you can offer your services online and make your brand reputation stronger than ever during the lockdown period.

Maintain your website

In this current situation, the use of the website becomes versatile. You may need to use your website more than ever during this lockdown phase. Hence, proper maintenance is required. A professional web development company can help you in this matter. They offer constant monitoring and maintenance of your website to ensure its uninterrupted and flawless services. Hence, your clients can always use the website without any technical issues and feel good about your business.

Add more services with web development companies

There are many companies that are changing or adding new services to their existing business to match the current requirements of their clients. A good web development company is always ready to offer full support to their clients as per their needs. Hence, they are ready to develop more pages and add more plugins or other technical elements to improve the condition of your website as per the latest demand of the market.

Media & More is a renowned company that offers marketing services. We have a strong and prudent digital marketing team, including efficient web development experts. Our experts can build robust, stylish and efficient websites for your business. Call us for more details 01737 400061.

The 3 most important post launch phases of a successful website

The 3 most important post launch phases of a successful website

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Almost all business looks for scalable results in terms of lead generation and driving sales. Ensuring the satisfaction of customers with the online experience is another forte it carries. The best option to accomplish all these goals is to invest in a new website or revamping an existing one. It is not so critical to set up the site, as one can always search for an experienced web design company to get the job done with excellence. This is crucial to cultivate it in a way that you can achieve a measurable ROI. It should be nurtured well during the initial days. Individual strategies should be employed to make it work effectively. Here is an overview of the options to grow your website during the first year after launch.

There are three vital phases to be handled well after a website is launched. There are a few areas to work on to make the website a grand success.

Graphic Designer

Things to do to make the most of the 3 phases post website launch

Phase 1: set up and learn about website

This is the phase where you have a lot to do. The most important activities being creating strategies, planning consistent routines and learning to read the data. The first three months are going to be busy, and the tasks you need to accomplish are as follows,

1. Establish KPIs

You need to track the key performance indicators (KPIs) well to drive your business goals right from the time a web design company been assigned to set up your website.

2. Configure tools and accounts

You must use the tools to track the data accurately. This will help you create the reports. Some of the critical tools include Google Analytics, Search Console, Tag Manager, and so on.

3. Keyword strategy

There should be a common keyword strategy to optimise your new and old content for the targeted keywords.

4. Content strategy

Schedule a plan for producing optimised content on a day-to-day basis. As the site will be re-crawled by Google and other search engines, the potential to get re-ranked will increase.

5. Amplify the strategy

Keep on upgrading the plan to help your website drive success.

Phase 2: calculate and adjust the website

The workload for the next step is as follows,

1. Keyword rankings

Keep checking the rankings of the keyword at regular intervals using practical SEO tools.

2. Heatmaps

The heatmap tool is a useful option to be used with Google Analytics to measure the performance of the website. This will also help in making adjustments in the content and design.

3. Content performance

Check whether the content marketing strategy is working with the aid of Google Analytics and fix all the discrepancy in the design and the content.

4. Social media and email performance

Utilise the data to test the performance at different platforms.

5. Goals and events

Set up new events to change the content strategy.

6. Custom dashboards and reports

Set up custom dashboards and reports in Google Analytics for easy and quick website performance.

7. Maintain security and plugins

Routine maintenance and secure websites have compelling SEO advantages.

8. User research and testing

Indulge in some research or opt for A/B testing pages for improving the performance of the site.

Phase 3: expansion

This is the last phase to do the final bits. Here they go,

1. New content

Create original content to engage your audience and drive growth.

2. More content

Putting up the content more frequently will enhance engagement and traffic.

3. Digital advertising

Opt for ad targeting by indulging in paid searches, social media ads, display ads, and so on.

4. Link building

Putting some time and effort in link building can improve the ranking for your site and pages.

5. Guest blog and user-generated content (UGC)

This is a substantial measure to increase community engagement and content production.

6. Micro-influencers

This is another strategy that pays off well.

6 Smart questions you should ask your potential web design service provider

6 Smart questions you should ask your potential web design service provider

There was a time when business owners think that Web Design Service is something related to creativity and imagination. Right now, it is proven that the job of a web designer is not only limited to offer something eye-catchy. They need to create something technically supportive of business and rich in design as well.

This is the reason, most of the companies that offer web design services prefer to provide solutions that are result-driven, customer-centric and robust.

How to measure the potential of your web designer

Ask web design service provider to show their portfolio

Their portfolio is the best place to check their previous works. You can understand their skill and pattern of tasks they have already delivered to their clients when you check that portfolio carefully.

What is their process of site building

Try to know their favourite process of site-building to check how confident and knowledgeable they are about the entire procedure. A pro can tell you about the process efficiently, and a newbie will take time to think and then answer. A pro designer can tell you about the challenges they have crossed and the milestone they have achieved perfectly from their memory.

How long will it take to finish your website designing project

A qualified web designing team will take minimal time to finish the project; depending upon the challenges it involves. On the other hand, a novice may not be able to tell you about that probable time he needs to complete and deliver the project. If you get a satisfactory answer to this question, then you should consider hiring that expert.

What are the latest technologies they use

A skilled web designing team know how important it is to have a functional website for your business. Thus, they will not only focus on creating an alluring layout for the site but put some extra effort to make it completely functional for you. They add SEO-friendly features to the same to make it ready for the next digital marketing jobs. They use advanced graphical technologies to give it a feature-rich tone.

Do web design service provider offer any maintenance service after designing

Most of the experts do so. They offer maintenance of the site after the designing job is complete. However, to get such kind of high-quality services, you need to deal with the top service providers in the industry.

How much editing job web design service provider can do for you

What if you do not like the first draft version of the website? Are they available for the necessary editing? How many times they can edit or revision job can be done to make it perfect? In general, the website designers offer 2 or 3 times editing to their clients.

Media & More is one of the leading companies that offer Web Design Services for different industries. You can contact their experts for the details.

Cyber security tips to keep your website safe and secure

Cyber Security in Responsive Website Design Reigate

Cyber security tips to keep your website safe and secure

8 Pages With Full Responsive and CMS Site

“Data is the new oil”, said Mathematician Clive Humby about the growing importance of data in world economics and politics. But data being that valuable an asset means, there are also risks of holding and maintaining Cyber Security for the large quantity of data. If you are the owner of a website, especially one with an e-commerce portal, then protection from cyber threats with the help of your web development company should be among your top priorities.

Top 5 tips on cyber security to keep hackers away

Update your passwords frequently

Stagnant passwords are like a godsend gift for hackers and phishers. The first line of defence in cybersecurity is using secure, hard-to-guess passwords and changing them regularly. Please do not use the names of your spouse or kids or their date of births as a password; choose unique ones with a combination of both upper and lower cases, symbols and numbers.

Invest in a good malware detector

Malware is spreading like a literal virtual plague nowadays. They put not only your system at risk but can also threaten third party and customer devices. Prevention is the best way to fight. A good malware detector will spot them and report them before they can cause a whole lot of damage.

SSL certification

Having an SSL certification is mandatory if you have a shopping site. It ensures that credit card or other bank related information send to your website by the customers is private and secure. With the help of a green HTTPS in the URL bar, customers can see your website is SSL-certified or not. So it not only keeps your connection secure but also enhances your reputation.

Regular software update

New versions of existing software come with better protection against cyber threats. It is best to get the latest edition as soon as possible post its release. Keep a keen eye out for any update regarding your e-commerce portal software, content management software, drivers, plugins and other elements of your website to keep your system safe.

Restrict your permissions

Multiple nodes, meaning many users log onto the website from different devices use system network in the medium to large scale companies. This increases the risk of cyber threat manifold times. To avoid this, be thoughtful about whom to grant permissions and put a better authorization process in the system.

Media & More is a comprehensive web development company with digital solutions for all your web requirements. Set up attractive and responsive websites to ensuring your content is SEO-optimized. Design your social media campaign and taking care of the overall branding of your company. And they do it all under one umbrella. Equipping your business websites with the arms and weapons to fight cybersecurity threats. And protecting your data also falls under their expertise.
Establish a more prominent dominance of your business without having to continually worry about sensitive data theft with better cyber protection in place.