Risky website redesign mistakes that can ruin your seo strategies

Risky website redesign mistakes that can ruin your seo strategies

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website redesign is essential, but that should not put your SEO strategies on high risks. Sometimes, the companies make website redesign mistakes that can cripple their SEO strategies. Before you hire a professional and well-established web designing company for redesigning your website, you need to be sure about a few matters.

Why website redesign necessary?

There are several reasons why a company should go for website redesigning project. Modification of your existing website can make your brand promotion easier and better. Along with the cause, you need to determine when and how the redesigning of the website should be done.

Things to consider for website redesign

Website redesign mistakes you must avoid

Not-optimising the on-page elements

Never forget to optimise the on-page elements of your website while redesigning the same. Non-optimising these elements will keep your renovated website far behind in the list of relevant sites on the SERPs.

Not using SEO-friendly contents

After redesigning the website, it is necessary to add SEO-friendly contents on the same. Whether you are keeping the same content or adding something new; must use relevant keywords and add SEO-friendly elements to the content to make it visible and trendy.

Forgetting about mobile users

Never forget your mobile users. You should always ask for a responsive web design while hiring a team for redesigning your website. The average consumers now spend at least 75% of their time in a day on their mobile phones doing several types of work. The more you can utilise this time, the better conversion rate you can obtain.

Ignore page loading times

No matter how improved or alluring your new website looks, it must not have a long loading time. The lower the loading time, the better user-experience you can offer. Hence, it is necessary to improve the loading time while redesigning the pages. At Media and More, we offer brilliant website redesigning solutions to our clients. No matter what industry you belong, we can offer you smart and relevant web designs to match your requirements and goals. Please get in touch with us 01737 400061 for more information.

Web design ideas & inspiration that will help you in making better websites

Web design ideas & inspiration that will help you in making better websites

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In this high phase of the competition; everyone is seeking some tricks and tips to create a great website for their business. You need to think out of the box to have something unique web design ideas for your business. Most importantly, you can reuse old ideas to get something amazing.

In this blog, we will be discussing some of the inspirational resources that can help you in making a better website for your brand. However, these design ideas are helpful for the budding web designers; Also who wish to get something creative and intriguing for their clients.

Create web design ideas for favourite website

Website gallery

If you have a business where photographs play a vital role to grab the attention of your potential customers, then you must have a brilliant website gallery. This would be the space where you can showcase your products or services to impress your visitors. Be creative with the framing and page layout. Try out borders for your pictures that can match the idea of your brand.

Web design ideas for colour use

When it comes to choosing the colours for your website, you can get the inspiration from anything and everything you see around. You should always choose the shades that can match the colour of your brand’s logo. It can be the multiple shades of one solid colour or the use of different colour pallets to express your ideas.

Full-page headers

This is another great creative trend in 2020 in the industry of website design. The website designers can get variations in the pattern of the design of the header, but the basic style will remain the same. You will have a call-to-action button at the left of your header and some eye-catching images or animation at the right. The header should contain minimal text with the main idea of the business to grab the attention of the viewers.

Full-page headers

This is another great creative trend in 2020 in the industry of website design. The website designers can get variations in the pattern of the design of the header, but the basic style will remain the same. You will have a call-to-action button at the left of your header and some eye-catching images or animation at the right. The header should contain minimal text with the main idea of the business to grab the attention of the viewers.

Playful cursors

To entertain the visitors on your website and to give them a fun-filled experience, you can use playful cursors instead of those boring arrows. It can be an animated image or a photograph of something related to your brand. This will make your visitors feel curious about your website.

Grid web design ideas

This is another fascinating design idea for modern websites in 2020. The grid design to showcase the images and the text can be a great example of asymmetric web design. This is a fine example of the minimalist style, which attracts the viewers easily. To execute these brilliant ideas on your website in an effective manner, you need the expertise of the talented web designers. At Media & More, we have highly skilled and experienced website designers for your projects. Please get in touch with us 01737 400061 to know more.

How to deal with increasing cyber-attack during COVID- 19 pandemic


How to deal with increasing cyber-attack during COVID- 19 pandemic

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It is the pandemic and the lockdown that bring huge changes to our lifestyle. Along with our personal life, our professional life has shifted from offices to home offices. This “new normal” routine seems quite useful for both the employees and employers. The rate of cyber-attack has increased rapidly during this pandemic. However, when it comes to maintaining the security of the data, companies find it tougher than ever during this pandemic. Since, they need to give access to their programs and projects to their employees who are working from their home, the security and stability of all these data are on stake. As per reports, the rate of cybercrime has increased to a great extent during this period. The easy and regular cloud access to various data through different servers makes it easier for hackers to hack different systems. But how to deal with this situation?

How to make your data secured from cyber-attack during COVD 19 pandemic?

Up-to-date software to safe from cyber-attack

Use up-to-date software on your PC to avoid any malfunction. Old and outdated versions give easy access to hackers to a certain system. When you use the updated version of all the software solutions you have in your device, you can reduce the risks of being hacked.

Stronger protection

Always look for the best anti-malware software to protect your PC from any kind of threats. The anti-malware apps must be useful for your emails, web surfing and social media accounts. As the unprotected systems are the soft target of the hackers, the advanced anti-malware apps will help you to reduce the risks.

Good password

For all the vital data and accounts, companies should use 2FA or two factors authentication. However, one must have a good password practice too. It involves using strong passwords, frequently changing the passwords and not using the same passwords for every account or data.

Strong backup

Every company must have a strong backup and test the same to avoid data loss due to a cyber attack. Data loss is something that can make the company faces a big loss. The strong backup system will rescue the organization from abrupt and unwanted data loss. The system will also help you to recover the lost data.
Media & More creates smart and secure websites for various businesses. We are also available for digital marketing and social media marketing solutions. Please get in touch with us 01737 400061 for details.

3 Features a high converting website must have

High Converting Website

3 Features a high converting website must have

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When you aim to promote your business online to obtain a good ROI, you cannot ignore the significance of web design. Whether you treat your website as your virtual office or your online store; it has to be a well-developed and well-designed platform where you can showcase your products, services, business goals and professional efficiency flawlessly. As per the experts, your website is not only meant to look aesthetically beautiful, but it should also have some features that can make it a high converting website.
This means you should design and develop your website in such a manner that it can help you in obtaining a higher conversion rate and reduce the bounce rate as well.

Here are the top 3 features you must include in your new website to make it ready for a higher conversion rate.

Things that really matters for high converting website

Easy navigation option

It is always necessary to offer your viewers a fantastic user-experience; whenever they are on your site. The easy navigation options on your website make them feel nice. A website with easy and smart navigation options always keep the visitors engaged; they would love to spend more time on the pages. This can direct the viewers towards a specific action in a smart way so that their conversion rate can go to a higher level.

Predictable format for high converting website

In a sheer effort of making something exclusive and aesthetically brilliant; often the website owners make a terrible mistake. They make some changes in their website’s basic layout; which makes the pages look unfamiliar to the viewers. This can affect your potential buyers. You should make the webpage aesthetically alluring, but at the same time; the layout must be predictable. Place the logo of your brand on the top left corner of the page, but the contact number on the top right corner of the same. And have contact details at the footer section of the page too.

Effective call-to-action button

Create a smart and eye-catchy call-to-action button; which can be clearly visible, but it must not create any obstacle for the viewers to read the contents on the page. They should find the button easily and feel tempted to click on it. Use the font size, font style, position and colour carefully for your call-to-action button. And enjoy a great conversion rate. Use triggered words on your website that can manipulate the mind of the viewers smartly. And they can buy your products or convince them to go to the end.
Sometimes, a well-created website may not be able to gather a great conversion rate because of the lack of these features on the pages. Only a smart, efficient and experienced website designer can help you to get these features on your website; which will make your conversion rate higher than ever.
At Media & More, we do exactly the same. We understand the need of our clients and prepare bespoke websites for them. Please get in touch with us 01737 400061 for details.

4 Common mistakes in website design and how to rectify them

Website Design

4 Common mistakes in website design and how to rectify them

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Mistakes in website design project are common. After all, nothing can be made perfect; it has to be a process through which things can reach the perfection level. However, mistakes in web design can be common, but some of them must be avoided or rectified as soon as possible to avoid severe trouble in business.
Today, we will going to discuss such mistakes in the web design process and will understand how not to make them or correct them in future.

Know the most common website design mistakes

A website design without mobile-friendly features

In today’s world, everything comes on the top of your hand with the help of your Smartphone. From paying the fees of your children’s school to booking the air tickets for your next tour and from watching movies to ordering foods online – everything can be done on Smartphones. Hence, you need a website which can be viewed, browsed or accessed on any Smart Device like a laptop, Smartphone, tablet and others. Designing a website without a mobile-friendly feature is a big NO in this current situation.

Too heavy to run properly

This is a common problem; especially with the ecommerce website design ideas. Often the heavy product load of the site makes it slow. However, you need the support of the best website designers and developers who know how to avoid the slow runtime of the site and make it a faster one for the viewers, because users hate slow websites. Besides, slow loading pages can cause problems for your web hosting system as well. So, arrange the best web hosting plans to enhance the speed of your website.

Not connected to social media platforms

In this present time, building a website without social media or SEO features is completely meaningless. You need to ensure that your website is SEO ready and have all the space for social media promotion. Without the power of social media platforms, it will become tough for you to compete with the others in your industry. Hence, you must look for the team that can offer you SEO and SMO-friendly website design plans.

Website design with static 404 pages

The use of the 404 Error Page is a common practice in web design and development. Usually, it is used to let the viewers know that something is wrong, and they have landed on a wrong page. It can be the issue at their end or at the end of the website too. It can happen due to the absence of the page they are particularly looking into or if they make any mistake while typing the URL. No matter what the reason is, you must make your 404 pages a bit exciting and informative rather than boring and static. You should put a search button or Back Button after the error message on the page so that the viewers can go back to the previous page or understand what they can do after this.
An experienced and efficient company like Media and More can make things easier for you. We have a vast knowledge of website design and development. Please get in touch with us 01737 400061 for details.

Know the differences between website redesign and refresh

Web Design

Know the differences between website redesign and refresh

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Building a website may not be enough to promote your business on the online platform. Like your house and office, sometimes you need to renovate the old or the existing one. Website redesign to get a new vibe for your business. As the modern website designing technologies are continually improving and getting to their next level, there are many things that your old website may not have. The absence of these features will make the website outdated.

The only thing you need to do to save your website from being outdated in redesigning or refreshing. What is the difference between these two techniques? What should you do for the improvement of your website?

Before you take any decision, it is the time to know about both these techniques in details. So that you can understand which one would be more effective for your business.

Website refreshing

There can be certain features that your website currently has which are not helping it to move forward or work as per the recent digital marketing algorithm. On the other hand, there have to be some new features that must be included. Then your website gets ready for those algorithms too.
Website refreshing is all about adding and removing those features which you need to make your website ready for the modern digital marketing methods. The refreshed website will have features that will adjust the recent landscape of online marketing.

Website redesign

This is all about getting a make-over of the website to make it more attractive or add some more information in a stylish manner to attract your viewers. It is all about having some development of the existing website so that it can enjoy an improved digital marketing performance for a long period.
You need to have content planning, new layout, new digital marketing strategies and new ideas to implement in the design parts of the website to give it a new look. It would help you in complete rebranding your business with smart approaches.
Only an experienced and dedicated team can handle both websites redesigning and refreshing jobs flawlessly. They can also suggest you whether you need to refresh your website or redesigning will be more useful for you.
Media & More is one such website design company that can offer you complete solutions as per your current business goals. We are a top marketing agency in the UK with vast experience in website design and digital marketing. Please get in touch with us 01737 400061 for detailed information.

4 Super web development trends every business should expect

Web Development

4 Super web development trends every business should expect

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Every year, the flow of new technologies and trends changes the shape of the environment in which the web developers work. If one year is popular for developing mobile responsive websites, then the next one is marked by chatbots. Every single trend has its own significance in the world of web development. They are typically in the trend to match the current needs of the website users as well as the website owners.
Let’s see what the top 4 web development trends that every business should expect to have in 2020 are.
Types of Web Pages

Top 4 web development trends that every business should expect

Chatbots and Customer Support

With the changing face of “customer care” department; the businesses in 2020 need something more result-driven, reliable and functional than the technologies they are using to provide customer support in the previous years. Hence, the introduction or application of chatbot is right here. This is a kind of software application that is applied to conduct an online chat with the customer whenever they visit the website and require information. It can be a text or text-to-speech method that is used in such a conversation.

Modular Design

Instead of creating a website using restricted templates, nowadays, the developers are using modular design for different websites. Modular designs give the freedom to the developers to reuse modules and components to develop a certain web page. Web developers can use this technology to create content blocks that can display information on a web page in a powerful manner.

Responsive Web Development

Responsive design is no more considered as a nice-to-have feature in the web development industry. It becomes a must-have feature that can fulfil the needs of this current time. In 2015, 35% of website traffic was generated from mobile devices. In 2020, it becomes 50%. This growth is constant. Hence, the need for creating mobile responsive websites is no more an option, but an obligation for the business owners. Thus, the demand for responsive web development is augmenting day by day.

Voice Search Optimization

Voice search is one of the most fashionable and popular trends in the industry of web development in 2020. Technologies like Siri, Cortana, Alexa, Echo or Google Assistant are the bright proof of this. Customers or users feel more comfortable with such voice search options rather than traditional typing techniques. So, the web developers need to add this feature to their website to make it ready for modern users.
These are the top 4 common web development trends that are already in the market in 2020. The experts are waiting to see the updated version of these technologies in the near future.
Contact Media & More 01737 400061 for more information about flawless website development trends and technologies.

5 Latest trends in web design you must know about

web design

5 Latest trends in web design you must know about

Web designers are constantly innovating and experimenting with the latest technologies and web design strategies. This ensures top-notch user experience and highly optimised website designs. Being a highly dynamic and versatile field, nothing about web design stays the same over a long period. Designers always strive to capitalise on the latest technologies.
In 2020, the field of website design has significantly transformed than how it was even a few years back. Several industry trends have risen and fallen over time, and several others are yet to grow. But right now, let us take a look at the most popular trends that are defining the future of web design in 2020.

Top 5 web design trends to watch out

Here is a list of the top 5 future-piercing website design trends to watch out for in 2020.

Custom visuals

Making a site visually appealing is the critical objective of website design. Custom visuals that blend responsive designs with complex and intricate illustration works, animations and unique design features are getting more popular.

AI-integrated web design experience

Design models based on AI-integrated interactions is the hot topic of the design world. This technique makes use of customer usage patterns and data to offer highly personalised user experiences. AI-based interactions also include 3D, animations, and illustrations.

Human-centric web designing

Less is the new more. With minimalism in trend, the design world is always trying to make complicated things more straightforward for users. The web designers are formulating future-proof strategies that help brands enhance user relationships. The plan also brings a more human-centric model and deliver connected products and services that the users are associate with.


Another top trending technique in the world of web design is micro-animation. Enhanced interactions through micro-animation are made possible, along with fluidity in the entire designing process.
Micro-animations and interactions deliver users with instant feedback, guidance, and affirmation. Also deliver the more intuitive feel and better engagement through hover, scroll, tap, and swipe animations.

Simplicity of functions

Designers are aiming at more functional but simplistic visual effects like mono-colour themes that create uniformity.
If you are looking for advanced web design solutions come to Media and More. Media and More is one of the most reputed companies providing quality and advanced web design solutions for a variety of client requirements. Please feel free to get in touch with us 01737 400061 for more information.

How can a small business get benefits from professional website design services

Website Design Services

How can a small business get benefits from professional website design services

A business, whether it is small or big, needs the right platform to showcase its potential. In this current time, a website plays a vital role in every business to develop brand awareness. A well-settled business has the popularity and brand recognition, but for a newbie, it is important to make people aware of their existence.
A smart, attractive and informative website can help the small business owners to create brand awareness among their target audiences. This is the reason small or local businesses must hire a professional web designer to obtain a beautiful website.

Benefits of website design services for small businesses

Strong online presence with website design services

A beautifully created website makes your online presence stronger than ever. The professional website designing agencies also offer digital marketing services to make your website popular and attract traffic to the same. Hence, people will become aware of your brand when they find it online. The more attractive website you can build the higher traffic you can expect.

Cost-effective promotion

Your website can be your online store from which you can sell your products or services. That means you do not need to take a brick and mortar store on a lease, appoint sales executives or other store staffs. A well-built website can be your most stylish online store. This is a cost-effective way to promote your brand.

Target local customers

With the help of local SEO, the website designing companies easily target the local customers of your products and brands. If you are a local brand of garments and wish to grab the attention of your local clients, then your website can do it rightly on behalf of you. People of a particular geographic location will find your website and place the order to get their products.

Improve your brand value

An authentic, well-created and smart-looking website plays a vital role in improving your brand value. A trust factor can be built between you and your customers through this website. This will help you to earn good annual revenue.

Enjoy best ROI with professional website design services

Hiring a professional team for website design services will help you to enjoy the best ROI. More and more people will start recognizing your local brand and believe in your services. Hence, you can earn a reputation in your target market.

Stay ahead in the competition

This is the age of competition. No matter how big or small your business is, there have to be competitors who are trying to be ahead of you and win the race. In such a situation, it does not make any sense if you are not ready to upgrade yourself. You need to understand the demand of the current time and be prepared for the same. A nicely crafted website will help you in doing so.
While talking about website designing for small or local businesses, Media & More is the right company to be hired. We have vast experience in website designing and website development. Our experts are ready to offer you bespoke website designs to match the specific requirements of your business. Please feel free to get in touch with us 01737 400061 for more information.

Questions to ask yourself before you choose your final website design

Website Design Reigate

Questions to ask yourself before you choose your final website design

Deciding on the final website design for your business is challenging. You need to go through a time-consuming and tedious process that is firmly attached to the entire website designing system. As the business owner, you can hire experienced and talented website designing experts for this project. But the end call has to be yours. You should say yes to design, and then the team will start working on it finally.

There are a lot of questions that you should give answers to before choosing the final design of your website.
Small Business Websites

Most important website design questions

What should be the theme of the website design

The theme of the website design should be decided on the basis of your brand or business’s personality. The theme of the website will gradually become the face of your brand. So, ask yourself what kind of theme you should have for your business website so that people can recognise your brand through it easily. It can be extravagant or a minimalist design theme; the choice has to be done keeping the type of branding you want for your business.

Does the website design match your purpose

You want to have a website for a definite purpose. It can be selling the goods, making people aware of a cause or keeping people informed about your services and products – the purpose of the website should have a close relationship with the design of the same. The functionality and design should match to be a great website.

Who are your target customers

It is highly required to determine the final design of the website based on the type of your target customers. The design which will grab the attention of the people belong to 20 to 30 age group may not impress the people belong to 40 to 50. So, who are your target customers? Are they the college students or the well-established business professionals or the people with specific creative interest? Before you determine the final design of your website, you should focus on the type of customers you are targeting through the same.

Are the pictures relevant to the theme

A website can have different types of images to showcase your products, skills, values and goals in business. However, you need to ensure that they are matching the theme of the website. For example, if you have soft, green, natural element base images for your website, then choose the theme accordingly.

Does the design have impressive elements

A design may have several elements to offer. As the owner of the website, you need to understand whether those elements are impressive for your viewers or not. Whether it is the colour tone or the fonts or the distribution of the text and images – the overall elements must be relevant and smart enough to pull the attention of the viewers.
Media and More is a noted website designing company in the UK. We create bespoke websites for different industries as per their requirements and budget. Please feel free to get in touch with us 01737 400061 for more information.